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A fanfiction with JK as main character. The female lead Eun Ji struggles in parenting.
The jingling of the bell broke Eun Ji's daze. Looking up, she saw a group of teenagers enter as they talked among themselves. Dusting her already clean apron, Eun Ji looked up, a tired smile plastered on her face.

Her hectic routine always tired her out but smiling was a part of her job. And gladly she had gotten quite good at putting on a smile. She had learned to face life with a bright smile after all the hardships she faced.

By now, the teenagers were already at the counter deciding what they wanted. Eun Ji waited, the smile never wavering from her face. Alas, being patient was another part of her job, it was surely tiring she thought.

When the kids seemed to be done deciding their dinner, Eun Ji asked

"What would you like to have?"

Her voice was soft as the snow and sweet as the honey. It was when she spoke that they noticed her presence. For a moment they stared at her, amazed by her voice.

"Excuse me. Would you like to order now?"

That brought them out of their daze, they looked down embarrassed for staring at her. A girl stepped forward, pushing the others out of her way.

"Well, we would like two winter deals and a bottle of coke."

Writing it down, Eun Ji smiled politely at the young teen girl

"Please wait for 20 minutes. Your food would be out soon."

"Thank you, Mom."

Eun Ji stood still, astounded by the title. It was very rare for customers to treat staff with respect. She had gotten so used to the disrespect that the title startled her for a minute.

Getting a hold of herself, Eun Ji turned taking the order to the kitchen at the back. Handing it over to her colleague, she looked at her worn-out wristwatch. Finally, she can go home.
Her shift ended at 8 o'clock so she was free to go home now.

Biding bye to her colleague she walked towards the staff room. The staff here was quite nice to her. Some may have had a little dispute with her but other than that, it was a nice place to work at.

Just as she entered the staff room, her friend squealed. Adora was an adorable lady. Though she belonged to a rich family, she actually liked working here. For her, it was just for the experience the case totally different from Eun Ji's.

"So, where are you going tonight?"

Eun Ji asked, teasing her dear friend. Apparently, this lady never got enough of men. Every night she would have a date with a completely different man from before. Eun Ji never understood this craziness of hers.

"Oh, come on. You know who I'm going with."

Her friend answered her hands on her chest with pouty lips. See, she was adorable.

"No, I don't. That's why I'm... -"

She was cut off by her overly excited friend.

'O, you should see this man. I swear he's the one. He has physic to die for. Oh, and his arms, they're so masculine. I wonder how he would hold me in be..-"

"Adora! That's too much information. I do not need to know that. And that's exactly what you said about the guy before the last one."

"No, I did not. Well, I might have. Anyways, enough about me. What are your plans for the night?"

Eun Ji chuckled at her friend's tactics.

"What plans would I have? I just can't wait to be with my bed."

"Bruhh, you're so boring. Just try going out for a change. God, you're just 21 and so beautiful. Guys would die to be with you. "

"Yes, I'm 21. But you're forgetting that I have a son. Who would want to go out with a single mother?"

"Okay okay. Geez, you win. Just go home and sleep, old lady."

Adora remarked as she stuck her tongue out. Adorable!

Getting her stuff from the locker, Eun Ji stepped out of the restaurant. The place was old and small but many lives depended on it including hers. She didn't know what she would do without this place after all she worked here for 2 years now.

Exiting the restaurant, a cold gust of wind past by her. She pulled the scarf closer to her, a shiver of cold running down her spine. In December, it usually got really cold and with the little articles of clothing she could afford, there wasn't much she could do to protect herself from the chilly wind.

Heaving in a deep breath, she started her journey through the darkness towards her home. The roads were deserted by this time of the night. Well, who would want to be out in this cold? But for Eun Ji, it was a necessity.

After a 20 minute walk, she reached her apartment building. To say that it was an apartment building was probably a wrong statement, with the cemented and cracked walls, the three-story somewhat dilapidated building was more of a ruin. A few families lived here, mostly single parents who couldn't afford a better place. When Eun Ji moved here, she could hardly afford a one time meal but the owner was a kind lady to let her stay here free of any charges until she settled down and found a job.

Climbing up the rusty stairs, Eun Ji stood in front of her apartments beaten down the door. The apartment wasn't much but it was enough for them. There were two small bedrooms, a boxy kitchen, a joint bathroom and a cramped lounge. For an outsider, it may be nothing but a heap of dump, but for Eun Ji and her small family, it was close to heaven.

Her brother, Jong-suk, just graduated from high school. Currently, he was working part-time jobs to meet two ends meet. He had been living with Eun Ji for three years now since her father died, the same year An was born.

He was never a burden. When their father died Eun Ji had just turned eighteen. The shock was too much for her and her pregnancy was not helping either. In such hard times of her life, Jong Suk was her emotional support, her only family left. And now, since he graduated, he would have to move away. After all, he had his own life to live.

The door creaked as I pushed it open. I hadn't even entered when I was pushed back a little by a force. I felt two small arms wrap around my legs followed by a low crying sound. Hearing my baby crying, I immediately went into panic mode, a mothers instincts. Bending down, I picked An up in my arms. He immediately wrapped his frail arms around my neck, his face in the crook of my neck as he hugged me dearly. A frantic Jong-suk came running after An, worry written all over his face.

His face visibly relaxed seeing me. I patted An's back, trying to calm him down. Silently walking towards the lounge, I walked around humping An to sleep. None of us spoke anything, no words were even needed for we understood each other's questions.

An's wails of cry turned into silent snores as he fell asleep in my arms. When I was sure he was fast asleep, I entered our room and put him in bed making sure to wrap the blanket around him, I didn't want the cold to even touch my son. Just as I tucked him in bed he mumbled in a low voice

"Good night, mommy"

My hands stilled as my body stopped stunned in shock.

He spoke. My An finally spoke.

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