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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Business · #2225965
Bob has noticed new decor in his office.

The new design

When the boss enters the office, he notices that his desk is not in its usual place and the curtains and the carpet have got another color. The canvases that have been hanged on the walls for many decades have disappeared and new ones have taken their places.

“Kate, come on please?” Bob the boss, calls.
“Good morning sir! Is there anything to do?” Kate asks her boss.
“Whose idea was this?” He asks showing the new décor.
“Wow! It’s wonderful! I am not aware, boss,” Kate responds.

Kate is working normally but she is completely flabbergasted because of the new design.
“Hello! I am Mark Line and want you to make aware the boss about my arrival,” Mark reaches Kate by phone.

“Sorry, you should first arrange an appointment with him, and tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM you can meet him. He has a busy schedule today indeed,” Kate responds.
“It is OK for tomorrow,” he says.

“Hello! I am Mark Line”, he says smiling.
Bob is an old man of ninety. He sees in front of him a young charming gentleman.
“Nice to meet you,” Bob responds.
“I am the new boss and this is my new design conception,” Mark responds.

KHBEY/ 200 words/ The new design/07/03/2020

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