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Conversation between two ants,Eirie and Emily about the absent minded writer!

Who Says Ants Are Dumb?

"Hi Emily, how did you come here? The guy is still awake, you can't cross him, he's watching"

"I came just now Eirie dear"... "You mean that guy, who writes stories? Sitting in front of the window?" ....

"Ya, I meant him only "..... "He blows us off, if he notices us anywhere near his desk" .........."He often day dreams, quite deceptive in looks"

"No, you're wrong. I came walking over his computer screen right royally! Yes eyes wide open,

many a time he day dreams, to deceives us, I'm also afraid to walk across him to window!"

"Strange! It's difficult for us to reach the window! Like a security guy he guards the window!"

" No, you have misunderstood him. He's a harmless guy. Only fault of him he's absent minded. Sometimes he blows us off unknowingly, it hurts us. We should gauge his moods while crossing him, we shouldn't pass around if he's day dreaming.

I was amused watching the conversation, talking about me , daring me at my writing desk!

Who says ants are dumb?

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