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This is a true fictional story.
         This is a true fictional story.
         Astronomical means extremely large.
         Persuade means cause to believe; convince.
         Persuasion means belief or conviction.
         Faith means complete trust or confidence.

         To persuade in an astronomical persuasion of faith, when things don't go in the way that was expected, a gargantuan of faith can be a let-down. Gargantuan means enormous. When all hope is lost, a person has a tendency to backslide. Angelina Megan Rose's heart was breaking when Marsha Fields upset the apple cart; she tried to take Angelina's man, Sebastian Montgomery Dawson, away from her. Many women were getting Angelina upset; they couldn't keep from reaching out to him; they would give him hugs when her back was turned.

         Aggravation and tension for Angelina kept mounting up. Sebastian couldn't figure out why Angelina would get upset; he just didn't understand. You see, Angelina wanted her man to defend her (be on her side) by telling the ladies not to do these things. The attraction toward Sebastian is his friendliness and sense of humor. Beforehand, God spoke to Angelina about Sebastian. Knowing what was about to happen, because she had an astronomical persuasion of faith, she believed in her man. Determining the amount of strength you have, going through the rough patches in life together, your relationship will survive this kind of ordeal.

         It was a hard road ahead for Sebastian and Angelina. Being rejected by their families and unable to get an apartment, they became homeless. The community was giving them a hard time while others were very helpful. Thank goodness that there was some kindness that was given them, otherwise, they would have gotten no support.

         The year 2020 was unbelievable due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Not only was this outbreak running rapid in their society, it was happening all over the world. Sebastian and Angelina never seen anything like this before; a mass amount of people were dying from this pandemic. Nothing like this has ever happened in the world before. Creating quite a stir, the fact that everyone has to wear a mask not only protects yourself, but other people as well. It's nothing but a hoax; they think of it as an infringement of their rights to have to wear a mask. It's such a simple thing to do, but, yet, they refuse to wear one. It's so disturbing that the majority of the people are so insensitive; it doesn't seem to matter to them that wearing a mask protects them as well as protecting others.

         Angelina has an astronomical persuasion of faith that we'll get over the coronavirus, but, because of the enormous amount of people dying, it does make her astronomical persuasion of faith to wane a bit. Wane means to decrease in vigor (spirit). When the coronavirus is finally over with, Angelina believes that the world will be a better place to live in. Even having a little grain of mustard seed faith that can move mountains, can surely remove the coronavirus from existence.

         When lives are lost, the timing of the coronavirus really sucks. Before you know it, your best friends, relatives, significant others and spouses, can be gone. Not knowing what to do, losing someone that you depend on, is devastating beyond belief.

         An astronomical persuasion of faith can be a guiding force; a star appearing in the nighttime sky, giving you the security that keeps you confident; even though it's a time of struggle, the certainty is knowing that you'll survive.

         So that you can once again experience the closeness you've once shared, Angelina prays that all families are well and safe.

         The important thing is the here and now, so hold on, hang in there, take one day at a time, hold your head up and know that you're a child of God.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, July 2, 2020

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