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This will help you understand more about me.
Hello there! If your reading this, you must've found me for the first time! (Or perhaps missed this if you've found me already). I'm a Furry, so I create furry stories that you wouldn't normally find on a day to day basis, so if this isn't what you want, I'm sorry. These type of stories are mainly fart fetish gay pairing (M/M) stories.

My furry species is a skunk and as you would imagine, I am an orange skunk with black stripes that form a 5 on my back then continue as stripes on down to my ass and tail. If you've read this before, the Q&A thing is no longer available, you can still ask me anything, but that document is gone.

I'm a male and I'm 30 years old and can take requests if you desire me to do so. Email me if you have any questions about anything and hopefully I can make your day with some fetish work.

Unfortunately, the YouTiesday thing will no longer be a thing since I want to conserve space for future stories, so the old ones are not gone, you just won't be able to see them. Another reason is that I'm not on here daily and that I don't want to spend money to have more room.
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