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The most entertaining bug in the sky at night, presenting Mr. Firefly!



In daytime I’m a tiny bug,
Playing in the grass,
However, when the sun goes down,
I’m in a special class.

See, people are in awe of me,
When I fly at night,
From here to there in darkness,
And then I shine so bright.

It’s like I’m turning on real quick,
A flashlight in my tail,
Then off it goes and I am gone,
Not leaving any trail.

Some children try to capture
Me and put me in a jar.
I wish they wouldn’t do that,
Though they treat me like a star.

I’m so sad when I am stuck,
In such a tiny place,
And it’s scary looking out
The jar into a human’s face.

I should be out where I belong,
Flying all about,
So Human, if you're holding me,
please, please, LET ME OUT!


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