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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2226131
Four convicts Rob the diamond Casino, Read to find out why
                             Diamond casino heist
          Act I
         The convicts have now bought an arcade, they will store the equipment in the basement. To recap, Lester Crest had his phone hacked by Mr, and Ms Cheng. She texted Lester from the convicts phone, and the other way around. When they met in Mirror park they were very confused and that's when they met Ms Cheng. She wanted them to rob the Diamond Casino & Resort. She didn't want the casino back, she wanted them to wish it was never there. So now, the 2.5 million dollar arcade will store their equipment in downtown L.A. The first step is to scope out the vault contents. One convict goes inside the casino to find the hot spot where Lester can hack into the vault security cameras.While looking at the cameras in the vault, they find the contents. Artwork. So, they leave back to the Arcade to hire the crew. The crew would be Hacker-Paige Harris, Gunman- Chester McCoy, and Wheel man, Eddie Toh. The plan is to go through the laundry shoot sneaky and silent, get to the staircase that leads to the vault, take all the cameras and enemies out without getting spotted, then getting to the vault and stealing all the paintings, then getting out undetected. Once they got the Rifles from the Swat, they Went to the getaway cars. They con the valet service. When the cars pull up, they get in acting like valet workers then they drive off to the arcade. Now they do the last setup. Hacking Device. They go to the FBI building with their badges and suits, also doing the con style. They take the elevator upstairs to find the briefcase, they then head back downstairs then the FBI knows, the convicts run out of there and escapes the cops

Act II soon

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2226131-Diamond-Casino-Heist--Sneaky-And-Silent