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Are you a broken finger? Or do you have a finger of golden touch?
I've recently learnt about this phrase or syndrome, "Broken Finger" from listening to one of my church's pastor sermon. What is a broken finger syndrome? Or what does someone who is a "broken finger" be like? When someone's finger is broken, and he uses that broken finger to point and touch his head, chest, back or legs, it would feel painful. It is not the head, chest, back or legs that are broken that caused the pains but it was his or her own broken finger. Of course, we can label people who are "broken finger" as people who lack physical capability to achieve certain things in life. They could be someone who lacks the focus on details when given a project or task to handle. They could be someone who lack tenacity to be in certain position or lack of the knowledge or wisdom to handle certain situation. Or simply, they just lack the basic professionalism and responsibility when given a task and always make mistakes.

Physical and tangible "broken finger" syndrome in a person is still not as bad, but people with "broken finger" mentality or beliefs are more harmful or baneful, not just to themselves, but also to the people and society surrounding them. Who are the people with "broke finger" mentality and belief? People with the "broken finger" mentality are someone who use his or her own broken finger to touch and point to his or her heads, legs and back. He or she will tell the whole world it is because his or her leg is weak and has got some health issue, that's why he or she is not able to walk probably or run as fast. Their heads are always giving them problem, that is why he or she cannot focus well and think probably. The problem, the pain and the excuses will always be some other parts of their body or any other things that is external. It is due to this manager who is always picking on me. It is due to the boss or the lousy company set up and system. It is due to my father, my mother, my wife or my children. It will be due to the government or just pure back luck and bad timing that he or she was born.

How about people with the "Golden Finger"? When someone is one with the golden touch or golden finger, everything he or she touches, turn good, improved or become "gold". It is either tangibly, he or she just has the natural capability to make something good, better or prosper. He or she just has the know-how, the wisdom to make it more positive and see good result. Everywhere he or she goes, that place will prosper, become better or any project or task he or she undertakes, it will show good positive outcome or result. People with "Golden Finger" mentality and mindset are not just about their capabilities or about them being positive and determined people, they are also people who are equipped with the right fundamental and righteous approach and attitude. What is right and righteous? Proper means, no shortcuts, no fast lanes or "under table" ethic. No over promising, no underdelivering. No taking advantage of others and no overly unrealistic targets and expectation. No mixing with people with the wrongful fundamental and ethics, stand firm and keep doing it the righteous way. This category of people usually transmits or give people the natural confidence and unexplained trust. That's why they naturally have more favors from people whom they have association with. They have a real positive reputation that last.

I used to be someone who possessed the "Broken Finger" syndrome. I was always focusing on the negatives. I was always thinking that things were not easy. I was not going to have this or that because of the circumstances I were in before. I did have the heart of the "Golden Finger" inside, wanting to achieve better things in life, but yet I was hindered by my own "broken finger" shortcomings. As a result, my earlier and younger years were largely mediocre. Looking back, I can understand why people overlooked me. People didn't have good opinions of me. People saw me no up. It was in fact not them, it was not the circumstances, or bad luck or the bad timing of my birth, it was my "broken finger". It was my own wrongful beliefs, principles and mentality.

I hope now, my "Broken Finger" are healed. And now I am blessed, and finally being shown what a right and "good finger" can do. I am hoping the finger that I have now is no longer broken but slowly turning into a finger of gold, and a finger of golden touch. It feels so much better now to have the "Golden Finger" mentality and "Golden Finger" kind of life, rather than the one that was of "Broken Finger". No longer it is about my head, my chest or my weak legs. No longer it is about this person, that company, the government or luck or bad timing. It is not just about might, or who is richer or who has the higher qualifications. It is not just about who we know or how many big shots we have in our connections and networks of people. It is about the one who truly understands the "Golden Finger" way of life.

It is not just about positivity, hard works and determination, which these are all good attributes. It is more and most about having the right fundamental and righteous approach and attitude. No short cuts. No treading onto others, or mixing and associating with the wrong people with wrong fundamentals. Not trying to gain favors or connection with people who achieved success through wrongful means. Not conforming to the worldly standard where everyone is telling you it is ok to compromise a little. It is natural to do this and that. It is how the big boys and successful ones are also doing. The one who truly understand and possess the "Golden Finger" way of life and the "Golden Finger" will know that all of the above are "broken fingers". All the above are fall-able. All the above can be easily shaken and be broke down and be exposed.

So, do you have a broken finger? Or are you a "broken finger"? Time to have your finger fixed. Look for that "Golden Finger". Or, start being that "Golden Finger" and find the true meaning of the golden righteous way of life! Once you finally understand and possessed it, everywhere you go and anything you touch will turn to gold! Genuine, pure and righteous Gold!

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