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Love is as real as this universe.Love is limitless.Spread love & feel your satisfying soul
I was once asked - "Do you believe in love? Do you believe love is a real thing? Do u believe falling in love twice, thrice or even more?"

"Love is as real as this universe, I completely believe in it"; I answered without a single doubt. Had there been no love in this universe, you think survival would have been possible? Love exists everywhere in every form; not only among humans but also among each and every small things revovling around. Feeling of love is so surreal. You wont believe me, right? People these days have confined love into a small area, totally unknown about the fact that love is limitless. Love is not just about a guy and a girl loving each other and making out, Love is far beyond than this.

Don't you love yourself? Don't you love the blue sky up there that shelters the entire planet? Don't you love the clouds that keeps on changing itself almost every second and yet the most beautiful thing to watch? Don't you love the rain pouring down and touching the earth's surface with those bitter batter sounds? Dont you love the rainbow in the sky even if it stays for a short time, isnt it eyepleasing? Dont you love the birds chirping around though you dont understand their language? Dont you love the universe as a whole? Dont limit yourself when it comes to the feeling of love, see the surrounding and you can find million of reasons to love everything around. Love everything, be the reason people start believing in love again.

Observe the universe more precisely and you find answers to your every doubts right there. Have faith as everything has a history to tell about, even the universe has its own. Someday you will figure it out why you have urs. ❤
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