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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2226168
Quarantine's lifted at Firestone Hill, so I'm headed to find My Passion in purple scales.
Have you ever tried to video chat with a dragon? It is frustrating, to say the least...

"To the left, no, now a little to the right. That's too far!"
"Back up, you're too close to the camera!"
"Oh come on, I can see up your nose!"
"Would you please just stand still?!"
"Oh, just forget it!"

And with that, our brutal attempt at video chatting went up in flames. Yep, he got so frustrated with me that he sighed too deeply and unintentionally breathed out fire. I've never been very good at figuring out that camera angle stuff, no one has ever been able to see me on one of those video chat thingy’s. My Passion needed me and I was in desperate need of him, so off to Firestone Hill I went...

It seems as though it takes longer to get to the mountain each time I visit, and when I finally arrived at the bridge to cross over Fury River, I saw him...My Passion...perched high on his cliff. While I waited for the Firestone Hill Officials to take my temperature and clear me before I could enter the mountain, I observed everything about him. His massive violet wings were quivering, ever so slightly, with the anticipation of taking flight. His emerald green eyes surveyed the lands for possible threats to his home. He was breathtaking...as always...but there was a difference in his demeanor - his vibe. He was troubled and I could sense it.

The guard at the gate startled me when he called my name. No temp, no illness, no problem. Before the gate opened, I turned to look at my Purple Dragon - so strong and fierce, yet so kind and gentle. He looked directly at me, eyes intensely glowing, raised his wings and launched himself into a high soar. The warm yellow glow of the evening sun enhanced the Amethyst hue interwoven throughout his fully expanded vibrant violet wings. I could not take my eyes off him as I made my way across the bridge. He appeared so free and unconstrained as he effortlessly transitioned into a dive. He plunged toward Fury River, skimming his wings across the sun kissed water before settling into a glide. The water beneath him became restless as he gained momentum and directed himself towards his perch on the mountain.

He skillfully landed on the cliff with grace and elegance, as though he were an angel descending from heaven. The manner in which he stood his post suggested that his duty, and his alone, was to protect Firestone Hill. I could sense his anguish and I wanted, no I needed, to comfort his aching heart. Slowly, I walked toward him, unsure of what to say or do. After what felt like eons, the cadence of his breathing steadied as he lowered his head, eyes closed. Reluctantly, he turned towards me and opened his vibrant green eyes. They conveyed melded emotions of sorrow, distress and apprehension.

In a low tone of voice, he said, "Life has become so off-kilter and becoming more and more unstable as each day passes. We live in a world where there are no answers - only questions, no tangible solutions to mounting problems, the blindness of hatred has left the beauty of love blurry and out of focus, kindness and confidence are being robbed by violence and fear, and worst of all, we live in a world where the precious and priceless gift of human life has no more value than a cheap and broken toy." He took a few deep breaths to calm himself and looked into my eyes deeply and intently before saying, "How do we begin to thrive again instead of just trying to survive?"

There were no words of wisdom or simple light-hearted answers to bring him comfort. I was not only at a loss for words, I was rendered speechless. I felt utterly helpless for the first time in my life; but it was the last time I allowed myself to feel useless. My Passion and I sat in silence on the edge of Firestone Hill's highest cliff and savored the breath-taking beauty around us that God had so graciously and selflessly provided. We felt no fear, no hate, no angst, nor woe...we had peace in our hearts which paved the way for the hope we needed for the possibilities of the future.
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