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by Triv
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2226169
Poem inspired by the book by Erin Falligant in the American Girl's online library
For thousands of years, she guarded the mighty shore
Keeping a wary eye for friends and foe
Smooth as silk and yet teeth that could rip
Flesh, meat and bone, and sometimes an unsuspecting ship

Animals and birds lived in serene harmony
Nary a human to disrupt her hegemony
They bowed and prayed to the mysterious goddess
Who took on myriad shapes and forms without undue stress

Then came the humans in metal contraptions
Noisy and carefree like they owned the plantations
Ka’ahupahau watched with a mixed feeling
Friendly or not, her mind kept reeling

A roar she heard as flying objects darkened the sky
The goddess, in surrender, uttered a deep sigh
Her kingdom, her world, shattered in an hour
Harbor and island, her refuge and her lover
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