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by Sev
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2226226
Imagine a world where anything you dream can manifest in your waking world.
The ground shook underneath her as she ran. She hadn't been prepared to run and her shoes were all wrong, so her feet slid over the disjointed rocks. Her eyes watered from the thick cloud of dirt and grit that had plumed up as the earth shook again.
"What the hell!" She screamed. The vast wasteland that had just been lush with plants, animals, people and crystal pool of cool water, shuddered with her words. Again she tried to force her feet to find purchase on the dry and cracked ground, and again she slid. She threw out her hands to catch herself and gasped as sharp rocks sliced into her palms.
"Fuck you!" She screamed to no one in particular as she gave up. She sat, her knees curled to her chest as a storm of wind, dirt and rocks swirled around her, scraping her exposed skin. Moodily she took two fingers from her right hand and tapped her left wrist once with a quiet smack. A flicker of light popped up then fizzled out and she grit her teeth. She repeated the tap and the fizzle of light. The third try finally brought up a holographic panel that shone just above her left palm.
"Finally..." She breathed as both her hands dropped and she read the notice posted across her holoboard.
'Due to another outbreak of the neuro-virus, Area market 23 will be demolished June 1st at 1200 hours. Any and all dreamers are cautioned to exit the area before this time to prevent the risk of possible injury or even death.'
"Fantastic..." She muttered as she waved away the screen and it popped out of existence.
The ground shook again as more dust clouds appeared on the horizon. Now she knew that they were what was left of the Market 23 dream scape. She had to leave... now. A double tap on her right wrist sent a shiver through her body and the sharp intake of air made her cough even as everything went silently black. For a few moments.

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