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The poem is all about those entrusted,we voted them yet they abuse the power on us.
Conceived in a devoted country
Where power is distributes as a supply
Power exercised everywhere in confinement
Even outside the world of human
Becoming undignified

The world of man has it absolutely
Exercise it harshly
Holding position has it,even limited on has it
Not raising a condemning voice
Limited in holding

Acton,power corrupt
But absolutely power corrupt absolutely
Engraved for the need of its minute
Rather it eventually intoxicate
And become a devilish right

Its exercised forcefully on its subject
Which is not the why it was bestowed
It even came with sanction
Even though that comes from a subject
But abused by the entrustee

Many of its subject become pretty
Feed on their right
Because of the limited power they have
Oh!what a wicked administration
By their right you were honored

Even in the jungle
The weaker ones and the negligible
Were neglected of its right to explore the forest
It power waxes and sees its inner skin to prey on
The samson of them did

Two different plants planted on a ridge
The stronger one used it
Destroying the growing tendency
But it does not relent
For the soul do jot complain
Of feeding the two with nutrient
It grow extremely,having back up of soil
But limited to its exploration to grow
Didactic activity from the plant.
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