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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2226240
Ellen saw a blackbird everywhere.
The black bird

Each night, Ellen saw a blackbird singing to her even when she closed her eyes at night.
Ellen was a young girl of ten. She was a brown freckled girl with green eyes and straight black hair.
She lived with her parents and sibling in an immense house toe in the sea.

The house was surrounded by palms trees and mahogany sand. It contains ten wide chambers, a courtyard, and a big swimming pool. Jasmine's perfume invaded the area.
Beside it, there was a big city of children's games. There were castles, rollercoasters and many children's sports.

Each evening Ellen played with her brother and friends there.
That day, she wanted to go to the beach with her parents and sibling.
“Ellen, keep the ball,” Karl, her brother said when playing volley beach with his sister and two friends.
Their friends John and Lily joined them previously indeed.

“Ellen, catch the ball, please! It is over there touching waves’ foam,” Lily said.
Ellen was running when she took the ball she saw an immense bird that vanished fast within the large shadow of the horizon like a mirage.
Out of her breath, Ellen joined the group thrilling.

“What’s the matter, Ellen?” Karl asked followed by the entire group that surrounded her.
“A black big bird!” She said with a trembling voice and fast breathing.
The group was astonished and said, “A big bird?”
“Yes, I have just seen it over there”, Ellen said

They went back home and Ellen still did not believe what she saw if it were real or just imagined. Especially she used to see the blackbird. Was she doing an amalgam?
She slept immediately after this hectic day and in the early morning, she saw an immense shadow passing over her room’s window.

“Good morning, my nice daughter!” Her father said.
“You get up early today?” He added.
“Good morning dad!” She said when hugging him smoothly.
“Would you like to visit the big aquarium, Ellen?” He asked.
“Wow, Dad!” She replied.

In the aquarium, Ellen remained flabbergasted with her eyes wide opened.
“Look at this!” Karl said.
An immense turtle seemed to come towards them over the aquarium glass dome.
Then lovely dolphins, rays and sharks were passing simultaneously.

“Dad, can we swim there”? Ellen asked.
“No, at all, it’s too dangerous dear,” he responded.
“Dad, do turtle live for long?” Karl asked.
“Their life expectancy is like ours, we, human beings; they can live 60 to 80 years indeed,” he responded.

“Now, let me show you the shell collection in this aquarium,” Dad said.
They entered an immense glass chamber. There where a myriad of multicolored shells. They had different shapes.
A guide explained the origin of shells and offered each of the children one shell.

“Shells have existed on the earth planet since the mists of time and their age differs according to their shapes and genres and can vary from 3 to 500 years. Many fossils still preserve different shell shapes very well. Shells might be the testimony of the aquatic origin of life,” the guide explained.

“Wow, dad, it is a wonderful day. Thanks!” She said when kissing him.
In the car, she noticed a big black bird again from afar.
“Dad,” She screamed completely excited.
“Look at the horizon! A big blackbird,” she added.
“Be quiet, please! I am driving dear; this wonderful beach is an ideal shelter for birds indeed. Don’t be afraid!” He said.

That weekend, on the beach Ellen was swimming and playing. At midday, her family and their friends napped. Ellen did not want to nap and was building her sandcastle again.
Suddenly, she screamed waking her family and their friends and said, “A big black eagle was flying catching a sharp”.

Everyone got up flabbergasted and their vision was headed to the sky. No bird was there.
They looked at her weirdly. Ellen’s face became flushed.
Her mother took her back home and talked with her.
“Ellen, my dear daughter, have you noticed that you see a black big bird everywhere?” Her mom asked.

“Mom it was a real big eagle,” Ellen said.
“Yes, like the one you saw at the beach last month, the other close to your window and the one when your dad was driving. Isn’t it?” Her mom responded.
“But mom, it was a real black big bird each time; it couldn’t be my imagination,” Ellen tried to defend herself in vain.

“Look dear, it’s just your wide imagination and if you continue to do so we are obliged to ask for help from a psychologist. Blackbirds do not resemble eagles, dear. Blackbirds are just small like crows and eagles are big enough," her mom said.

"Your dad and I have decided to let you take a rest at home for a week and not let you go to the beach. You will acquire perspicacity. However, you can still go to the children's games city. Ok! My love,” her mom added.

After a week, Ellen asked her parents, “I want to go to the beach.”
She went swimming, playing, and building sandcastle as she used to do.
She lived each moment with an immense vivacity.
When suddenly she heard people screaming and saw them running, her parents and her brother as well.

A group of black eagles invaded the beach trying to catch children indeed.
That time it was for real.

KHBEY/ 898 words/The black bird/04July2020

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