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This is an attempt to write a fictional story.
         Sophilia's conquest is to overcome the influences of Dimian's dark domain (empire). Victory would mean a better mentality for everyone living in this place called Gloomyville.

         Gloomyville is a lonely place; a place where negative emotions get entrapped within the confinement of your mind. If your day started out good, the one thing that you could count on would definitely be shut down; Dimian's approach to not feeling good about yourself was on the rise. The lights were usually dim, causing a loss of self-esteem. There was a restriction here that wouldn't allow you to leave or even go outside of Gloomyville.

         It was a spring day in May when a pretty butterfly flew by. This butterfly 🦋 brought a lot of joy to Gloomyville. When Dimian heard about the butterfly, he would go out and catch it, putting it in a place where no one could see it. This brought a lot of distress to the people.

         A beautiful horse came into Gloomyville in the early part of June just as happy as it could be, but Dimian captured the horse and drove it to another place where it would be out of sight. Sadness was very apparent all around.

         One person was able to get in touch with Sophilia, informing her what was happening in Gloomyville. This got her attention and she was ready to defeat this man who calls himself Dimian.

         On the first day of summer, Sophilia brought butterflies and horses (baby ones as well), into Gloomyville. Dimian wondered who was responsible for this. Soon, Sophilia and Dimian came face to face. They both drew out their weapons. Dimian had a dark light and Sophilia had a light of hope. Sophilia blew out the dark light and all hope was restored, and Dimian no longer was there.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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