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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2226362
The heist of the century brings lovers together.

“You? I should have known that you would be here,” the young woman dangling by the rope smiled.
“Marie, I heard the news of the Scorpion necklace being on open display starting tonight.”
“And, you thought you’d beat me to it?”
The man smiled, his dark mustache curling a bit at the edges of the mask he wore, “Well I did calculate the risk, and figured it would be well worth doing just one more heist.”
She smiled, as her thin agile form stepped onto the marble floor of the museum. “Well, this is my heist. You can’t take it away from me.”
“Sweet Marie, I am the best, and you shall not stop me.”
“You may have been number one, Maxwell, but now it’s my turn.”
The man laughed, as he dropped a large dangling necklace into a black felt bag, “It seems you are wrong.”
“Maxwell, I wanted this. How could you beat me once again? You have no consideration for anyone but yourself.”
“My dear, that is far from the truth. You see it was for you that I came here tonight. I came for the necklace in hopes of using it to lure you to marry me.”
The woman tilted her head, “Are you serious?”
“Let’s get away from all this life on the run. I figure that with this last score we can retire in Brazil.”
“Oh, Yes,” the woman said grabbing the man and kissing him.
He swiftly pushed her away.
“But, I’m saying yes.”
“But, your yes has just set off the silent alarm. You crossed the laser as you kissed me my dear. Might I suggest we celebrate our union somewhere less dangerous.”
“Of course, Let me lead the way,” she said quickly climbing the rope, as he followed close behind.
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