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This is a personal situation I went through with different elements.


Do you feel me? Do you feel my presence within you? Do you feel the energy that is flowing through me for you? Do you? Do you feel the warmth of my hands as they caress your shoulders while my voice whispers in your ear... telling you all of my seductive thoughts? My tiny whispers tickling your lobe, while the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. When you close your eyes do you see me? Do you see me staring back at you? Do you see that you have fulfilled a fantasy of mine and I want to fulfill every fantasy of yours? I want to take you out of your normal realm and show you all the wicket things I want to do to you. Do you hear me? As my mind screams your name in the night? Do you hear my voice running through your mind at a fast pace? Do you feel my heart pumping? Pumping so fast that it beats to the drums of my favorite song? Do you smell my perfume on your clothes from when we rubbed up against each other? Does that smell remind you of the comfort that you never felt before? Are all these things the reason you ran scared?

You came along. You came along with your dreamy eyes, viscous smile and painted body. It felt as if I was drawn to your dark wicked ways. Every inch of inside me burned with desire. I wanted to melt within you. Your voice, your voice is intoxicating, I wanted to taste every drip that was coming from your mouth. Your touch felt like salt on an open wound that burned with desire to feel again and again. Your smell was mixed with cologne and smoke that when I inhaled you I felt as if I was in the dark underworld and didn't want to leave. You left me craving more. You were like a drug to me, my own personal brand of heroine. You are euphoric and arousing.

I wish you harm, I wish you a sentence of regret. For you broke my heart and tried to rip apart my soul. You left me wondering. I wonder in the night, I am lost. I wish you to never find a good soul like mine. I wish you chaos. I wish you a 6X9 cell within yourself of torment. This way you shall never hurt another injured soul again. Do you know how long it takes to put the pieces back together? I have to dig down deep... deep down into the darkness of HELL where it took me years to crawl from.... Or... Do you even care?

I still crave you....

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