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by Thades
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2226400
This is a Harry Potter fanfiction. Where Ron's personality is a bit more well rounded.
Ron Weasley, the sixth son out of seven children born to Arthur and Molly Weasley. His eldest brother Bill, a prominent and rising curse-breaker and one of the toughest job out there that a wizard can do, and before that a prefect and head boy in Hogwarts. Now the second child Charlie, a bit out there with his love for dragons, pursued his dream as a dragon handler just after graduating as well, with similar achievements left behind at Hogwarts. Seeker for the quidditch team and later on captain of the quidditch team. Where the first two Weasley children are a bit of a rebel in the family, the third child Percy is more of a no-nosense kind of guy. Brilliant achievements in academic, and again the second prefect of the family straight into his fifth year. On to the troublemaker twins, the fourth and fifth of the Weasley children, Fred and George Weasley; sometimes Forge and Gred. A prankster through and through, smart they may be, a disaster they definitely are. Oh, don't forget beater for the quidditch team as well. Skipping the sixth and straight on with the last child, a daughter of the Weasley, the first daughter born as the seventh child after seven generations. Said to have a great potential as a witch, furthermore being the only daughter gives her privilege that the boys don't have.

Now with this kind of siblings, the sixth surely would be special right? Well Ron, full name Ronald Billius Weasley, has killer chess instincts and that's pretty much it. When compared with his siblings he does appear lacking, and in a different time this perhaps would lead to inferiority complex and jealousy issues but a role model tends to help. The older siblings tend to be the the role model for the younger ones, mostly by showing more affection towards their favourite siblings.Bill dotes on Ginny and Charlie has a special place in his heart for the twins. Percy however was helpful towards Ron, though strict on him as well. So guess how will Ron act and start his year in Hogwarts and what changes will it bring to Wizarding world?
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