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Recent years people's deaths
I was crying silently, lying on my bed
Not sure how she noticed, softly touched my
I'm depressed fully, it is completely new
I haven't passed a single day, without hearing news of loss of lives of few
Storm, pandemic, accidents and killings
I'm breaking up, I can't express my feelings.
I asked her to give me a drink, though my body isn't fit
I need mental rest , I just want to sleep a bit.
She poured some drink on glass, forwarded and pleading
Don't ask again for more, sleep well till morning.
The night ended, I slept snoring
Woke up and finished duties of morning
After breakfast newspaper came in
Again my ghost of dream started playing
Deaths, deaths, and death's news
Death and destruction all of the views
Will there be any life on earth, question arise in mind
Time it needs time, time will answer that I find.

The End

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