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this is what happens next to the princess and her cousin
Princess Deanna and her cousin Sophia are amazed and afraid everything happened so fast. One minute they were as free as birds and the next they were on their way to being sold. The men talked among themselves for a few more moments than they were gone. Sophia began to wiggle and move trying to get free of her ropes. She was good at getting free from ropes because thankfully she had two older brothers that use to play Cowboys and Indians with her almost weekly. She was the one that always ended up being tied up, sometimes for hours if they forgot her so she learned at a young age how to get loose from ropes. It took her a long while but she got loose, now to find the princess. Feeling along the cold floor and in the dark, on her hands and knees, she found her cousin pretty quickly. Her cousin was weeping and her body was shivering, from fear most likely. Sophia put her hand gently but firmly on her cousin's shoulder, she bent down and told her that she was going to untie her. They were still and spoke very little in the next few moments, they just held each other and cried mostly. Finally, the princess stopped crying and told her cousin to do the same. They had no time for crying the men would be back at some point and they had to be ready. Where were they? They couldn't really see anything because they were in a dark place. They decided to get up and while holding each other's hands try and feel around for a light or something. The girls tried to be quiet and moved slowly along a nearby wall until they reached something that felt like a small opening or window. The girls gently pushed on it just a little and it gave way it opened and the light spilled in. It was just a small window but it was a window indeed. The window looked like hadn't been used much over the years. They looked around when their eyes got used to the light. The girls were on a ship it looked like. Oh no, they were on a ship it, however, was still docked but not for long most likely. What were they going to do now? She could see that just to the far left of the window were feet , most likely, guards. Not happy about this fact they knew they had to come up with a plan. What to do, what could they do? The girls decided that at some point that someone would have to come and feed them and or give them a drink because they didn't want dead girls. Dead or sickly girls would not sell. So they would wait for the two men to return and try to reason with them and or scare them into letting them go.

It was hours before someone came into the bottom of the ship to even check on them. The girls had closed the window back and had put their blindfolds back on and put the taped back on their mouths. There seemed to be only one man and he seemed a little confused by the fact that the girls were not tied up. He was mumbling about how you can't count on the two Quick brothers to do anything right not even tie up two captured girls. He walked over to Sophia and took the tape off
her mouth first and then off Deanna's. He pushed a glass of water up to Sophia's mouth and then the princess's mouth. The man told the two girls he was putting a plate of food in front of them and that they should be good girls and eat every bite. Sophia agreed to eat only if the man told them why they were doing this to them. The man laughed and said, "why money of course".Then Sophia tried to tempt him by saying that King David would surely give way more money for the two returned girls than and slave owners could ever give. The man laughed at this and stated that all he would gain by returning the girls was a chopped off head."Your father is not known to be one that would just freely forgive a crime such as this". Then Sophia explained, that they would tell the king that he had nothing to do with their kidnapping and that he rescued them to bring them safely back home. The man was quite than all they could hear is his feet retreating to leave. The girl's hearts sank, but they were still holding out hope that his greed would overtake him and he would be willing to let them go.

Meanwhile, King David and his queen were going out of their minds with worry. They knew now that both girls were gone. They knew it was very much like their daughter to wonder off but not Sophia. They knew that something had to have happened for both girls to turn up missing. A search was made of the castle grounds and of the lake and all its caves but nothing. The queen was in tears, what had happened to the girls, were they ok or even still alive? The girls had been missing now for almost 48 hours. The queen who was not super religious decided to go on a fast and to make the whole of their country go on one too. A decree was sent out to every person in the land that no one was to consume anything but water for the next 3 days. They all were to pray to the God of Heaven about the safe return of the two missing girls. She told her subjects that they needed God's help if they ever wanted to see the girls again. She also told them that there would be a great feast when the girls were returned. The subjects obeyed very quickly because they loved the girls but they also feared the queen's wrath. The queen was known to behead folk that didn't obey her decree's that went out. This decree was so important she would surely kill anyone that dared disobey. No one brought, cooked, or ate any food for three whole days. You could hear the prayers going up for the girls on every corner, in every home and church bystanders and visitors say. Would the God of Heaven answer the queen's prayers? Would the girls be set free by a greedy kidnapper wanting to get rewarded handsomely by the king?
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