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The last straw has been broken, now Jerry will make Tom pay by tortureing him with farts!
For many years, Jerry had to put up with Tom's actions towards him. All he wants is some food, a mouse has to eat too ya know. Things never seem to go to plan, but Jerry does get his way eventually. Today is different however, Jerry had enough of Tom and wanted to get back at him to put him in his place.

Jerry left the house to go to the laboratory, where his friend Napoleon the Rat was. Jerry entered and found Napoleon playing checkers with one of the robots.

"Yes! I win again! That's 5 for you, and 12 for me."

Jerry took this opportunity to get his attention. He climbed on a pile of things that Dr. Bigby was working on to reach Napoleon. He tapped the Rats shoulder.

"Jerry! It's so great to see you again!"

The Rat and Mouse shook hands, then Jerry pointed to the shrink ray (Because talking is overrated).

"What do you need that for?"

Jerry began to whisper his plan into Napoleon's ear. The Rat took a moment to take it in.

"So.. Your telling me.. You want to use that ray to shrink Tom down to your height, then torture him with your farts?"

Jerry nodded with a serious look on his face.

"Ooooh! Can I join? I kinda want to torture him as well. I mean, me being a tall buff Rat that one day was fun, but this might take the cake."

Jerry nodded in approval and allowed Napoleon to follow him. He needed help to carry the Shrink Ray anyway.

Dr. Bigby came in about 5 minutes that Napoleon and Jerry left. He didn't question it, thinking that Napoleon was in his lunch break. He was watching his stuff whle he was gone, but like he needs that rat anytime soon.

After 30 painful minutes of carrying, the boys reached Jerry's home.

"Ok... *Sigh* I-I think.. we're good now.. Now what?"

Jerry looked around, but saw no sight of Tom. Jerry went over and explained what's gonna happen (Whispering is better than using words 100%).

"Ah, I see, so you'll distract Tom and get him over here, then we'll blast him with the Shrink Ray"

Jerry Nods

"Ok, I'm ready"

With that Jerry went on to the next step, getting Tom to the hole.. in the wall.. He made his way to the kitchen and threw a plate on the ground. The shattering was enough to spring Tom awake and send him running. He looked around and found Jerry taunting him about 2 feet away.

Tom went after Jerry, which he lured to his mouse hole... The one in the wall... Tom didn't slow down in time and ran into the wall. Jerry signalled Napoleon to fire, who almost forgot to do so simce he was reading on of Jerry's books. Napoleon made sure that the dial was on Mice, then shrank Tom in a slow pace. In no time at all, Tom was now shorter than Napoleon, but still taller than Jerry. Jerry looked out to examine Napoleon work.

"Did I get him?"

Jerry gave him a thumbs up, then grabbed some rope.

"Good thinking, tie him up before his wakes up. I'll go get us some food to fuel up out butts."

Jerry finished tying up Tom and waited for Napoleon to get back. Napoleon came back with alot of food, cheese, milk, beans, eggs, everything!

"I think this will be enough"

Jerry began to chow down the food that the Rat came back with.

"Hey! Save some for me!"

After 5 minutes, the boys sat there with full tummies. They looked at each other and grinned, they can already feel the gas rush to their tailholes. Tom woke up finally, he then gasped by the sight of him being tied and the fact that he shrank. Tom began to try and break loose, but it was no use, he was tied up with rope, chains and duct tape.

Jerry approached Tom with a smugged grin on his face. Jerry's bowels began to churn, as he let loose a little poot. Tom already knew what was happening and began to struggle. Jerry turned around and got on all 4's, presenting his brown rear to the cat. Tom looked away, but Napoleon made Tom look. Jerry swayed his back and forth with his tail raised up high. Tom was slightly hypnotized by this, this gave Jerry an advantage.

Jerry slowly began to back up towards Tom, until Tom's face was buried under the mouse's rear end. Jerry began to grind on Tom face, making sure get Tom's nose to touch his anus. When Jerry was satisfied, he began to release 2 long wet farts onto the cat's face. Tom struggled, the smell of eggs and spoiled milk filled his nose.

"Come on Tom, it isn't that bad"

Napoleon replied as he tried to keep the cat's head in one place, as Jerry released 3 short farts and a SBD.

"This will end quicker if you do as we say."

Tom refused to do so, the rotten anal musk of Jerry still lingers in his nose. Jerry looked back at the Rat and gave him a gesture to get tom to open his mouth. Napoleon took Tom's tail and bit into it, causeing Tom to scream. Jerry quickly placed his rear onto Tom's mouth.

Tom stopped to see the mouse's round rear, he never considered how amazing Jerry's butt was, but he was caught.

"I think Tom likes your butt Jerry~"

Tom shook his head, he didn't want it to go that way.

"You staring say otherwise~ Pucker up~"

Tom blushed, Napoleon and Jerry were both now staring at him. Tom slowly began to bring his lips to the mouse's rear. He eventually made contact with Jerry's anus and began to make out ith it.

"That means Tom is gay now right?"

Tom stopped and shook his headed negatively. Jerry pushed his rear onto Tom's face again and ripped 3 long SBD's into Tom's mouth. The cat gagged and coughed from the taste, the cheese, beans and spoiled diary were all in Tom's mouth now. Jerry got off to see hi work, Tom sat there in a daze.

"Wow, he's in a daze Jerry."

Jerry nodded in approval, then allowed Napoleon to go next.


The Rat got on all 4's andpointed his rear to Tom's direction. Tom shook his head to bring back his focus, but when he saw Napoleon's rear, he wished he was passed out.

"Get ready to smell my booty Tom! Hopefully mine isn't as attractive as Jerry's."

He was wromg however, Tom examined the Rat's rear end. His daydream was cut off when Napoleon backed up. The Rat began to gring his rear hard onto Tom's poor face. Jerry found this amusing and hot at the same time. Jerry took Tom's arms and made them feel Napoleon's butt. Tom unknowingly began to feel and message the Rat's butt.

"Ya know.. I think he's starting to like it..let me fix that."

The Rat grunted for a moment, then released 7 rotten farts that each lasted for 5 seconds. Tom sniffed the Rat's dirty tailhole and began to lick it. Napoleon moaned.

"He definitely has a fetish for it now, he.s a natural!"

Tom didn't hesitate and began to make out with Napoleon's tailhole. Jerry and Napoleon were surprised, they never seen Tom like this before.

"Should we stop Jerry?"

Jerry looked for a minute, then got a devious idea, he told Napoleon about it (It was whispering, talking is illegal).

"Sure, let's do it together, but let's rip everything we have let in us. Let me tell Tom something before we do so."

Jerry nodded and got on all 4's and pointed his rear at Tom while standing next to Napoleon.


Tom looked up

"We will gas you til you pass out, when you do, you will return back to normal size and be nicer to Jerry. Do you understand? If you don't, we'll do this again and again until you abree."

Tom really didn't want to go through this again, he feels sick already. He nodded, hoping tnis was all a dream. Jerry and Napoleon took one deep breath and released every ounce of gas they have left in their systems. Tom eventually passed out within 10 minutes.

"*Sigh* *Pant*, That was.. fun.. now to get him back to normal."

Jerry untied Tom and brought him outside of his mouse hole. He layed Tom in the same position as before, as Napoleon grew him back to his original size. Jerry thanked Napoleon for the help and watched him leave with the Shrink Ray. Tom woke up within a few hours with a headache, he looked around and saw the house again and his original size. He looked through Jerry's mouse hole and saw Jerry reading his favorite book, but there was no sign of Napoleon.

Tom wonders if it really was a dream, but he shrugged and went back to what he was doing before. Days went by, and true by his word, Tom was being more fair to Jerry every time Jerry felt hungry. In fact, he even gives Jerry a piece of cheese from time to time. Jerry smiled for the changes that Tom made. He was also happy about the experience that day and hopes that one day it might happen again.
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