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What it may look like when Christ returns. I had to write I was lead to.
Picture it a crisp cool morning in September it's nice out the weather is cool and calm. You just want to be in the nice cool calm day and sit in the sun, the sun is just warm not too cool not too hot. The sun is about to set it's that pretty orangish, yellowish, red today however it seems brighter, richer, the prettiest you have ever seen it. All of a sudden you feel a sweet-smelling breeze reach out and kiss your skin, your lips, you breathe it in. You heard a sound kind of like the sound of a small rushing wind, no it's a whirlwind and it's building, you hear a trumpet sound in the distance it is loud and strong. Something draws your eye up, you see in the distance a figure coming in the clouds and he is all a glow it seems and is far brighter than any moon, stars, or sun. He is radiant and beautiful like nothing you have ever seen and you know you will never see something this great and wonderful ever. He is coming in power and glory, he is dressed in white, with one of the biggest and brightest golden crowns you've ever seen, a long following purple rope that's the brightest purple you have ever seen is flapping in the wind and is attached to the top of his beautiful crisp and pure white robe near the shoulder area. He is not alone it seems like there are thousands and or millions with him, giants they look like that radiate His glory they are so breathtakingly bright, you can see they are winged creatures of some kind. They have many eyes not just two like you. Eyes within their wings, no it can't be what in the world. They are dressed in white like their leader. They are crying Holy, Holy Holy is the lamb and they are saying he is worthy. He is drawing closer to you. This is the truth every one of his followers has been talking about. There is nowhere to run or hide are you ready, are you not? He sees you he is looking right at you but through you into your eyes' the windows to your soul. Has he found faith? Will He find faith in you? You will not have another chance to get ready at this point, are you ready? Only you can decide choose this day whom you will serve.
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