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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2226576
Why won’t the universe leave me alone?!
The Visitor- Chapter Eight

(Disclaimer: If you do not support same sex marriage/dating then this chapter may not be for you.)

Weeks passed and I began to grow closer to Abigaro. We bonded with each other and shared such wonderful memories. She told me about her family and what her parents were like. They were originally apart of the Warlock Domination Club. A club that assisted all evil warlocks during their battle with the wizards. This meant that Abigaro's parents, Earnest and Abby Dozitos, served the Commander of Evil. I was a bit resentful after hearing this, but Abigaro went on to tell me that her parents were good people tangled up in the wrong crowd. After finding out what Azazel was planning to do, Earnest and Abby decided to quit the WDC and became neutral, choosing neither Wizards or Warlocks. This sent them running around the world with a target on their back. They moved to Assam for refuge and built their empire in Mayong. Soon Abigaro was born and when her parents died, she became leader and Chief of Mayong.

"Don't you think your parents' death wasn't accidental? I mean, what if they were murdered?" I asked.

"Murdered? Why would you even think that? My parents died in an accidental fire! Just because your parents died on purpose, doesn't mean mine were! I can't believe you!" Abigaro snapped. She stormed off to the main hut at the center of the village.

"Wait! No, I-I didn't mean it like that! I'm sorry. Abby!" I shouted but she didn't answer. I decided to give her some space and I headed over to my room. Jamie was there waiting for me. I realized that I was so busy with training and spending time with my girlfriend, I had barely spent any hanging out with the woman who made it all possible.

"Hey...I'm taking a break today. Wanna hang?" I shamefully asked. Jamie nodded and we both went for a stroll down the river.

"Are you excited?" Jamie asked as I bent down to pick up a rock.

"For what?" I replied and I threw the rock into the water making a slight splash. This was when Jamie reminded me that the next week would be my seventeenth birthday!

"Oh. My. G—," I yelled.

"Hey, guys. Uh, Abigarolita wants the entire village to meet at the main hut for a meeting. She says it's important so I'm guessing you need to be there as soon as possible," Abraham rudely interrupted with hoarse tone. I wanted to ask him what was wrong with hid voice but he was already gone. I turned to look at Jamie with a nervous expression before we both headed to the center of the village. When we arrived, there was a girl being surrounded by all the villagers. Abigaro looked over to me with a smile and gestured for us to come closer. She introduced the new comer. The girl seemed around my age with wavy, black hair and hazel brown eyes. Her skin was fair and she dressed as if she had some sort of Spanish background.

"Hi, everyone! My name is Emily Santos. I'm from Colombia," the girl spoke with a Colombian accent. She was very pretty and became a bit jealous. I saw the way Abigaro looked at her. It made me feel violated and rather uncomfortable. Something about her made me feel skeptical. Emily looked at me with a sneer before she turned her attention to the villagers and smiled. I rolled my eyes and watched as she gave presents to people she haven't even met before.

Over the next few days leading up to my birthday, Abigaro spent her time catering for her new visitor. I couldn't understand what made Emily so different from me. I had to confront Abigaro.

"Abby, um, how to say this? I don't feel comfortable with Emily around. She seems suspicious to me. Like, who brings gifts for people you have never even met before? What if we were crazy people who are cannibals? She's never been here before—," I jabbered.

"I see what's going on here. You, are jealous," Abigaro interrupted.

"What! I am not!" I lied.

"Mmhmm. Like ever. I don't know what's going on with you recently but I don't think I can keep tolerating your nonsense. Emily is just being nice," She argued.

"Wait, what? Excuse me, but if I recall you weren't treating me the way you're treating her. You treated me like garbage and now you're blaming me?" I screamed.

"Don't you ever scream at me again! I never did like you anyway. You're disgusting, rude, annoying. You want everything your way and when it doesn't you throw a tantrum like a baby!" She yelled. I was about to reply when she said, "Forget it. You can pack your bags tonight. You leave this place tomorrow. I can't stand having you anywhere near me." She spun around and stomped away. I was left speechless. I sagged towards my room to tell Jamie the news. I soon began crying in her shoulders.

The next day, my birthday, I prepared to leave. I wanted to apologize to Abigaro before I left so searched for her. I asked everyone but no one seemed to know where she was. Emily was also nowhere to be found. At the mouth of the river was a hut similar to the one Jamie and I were staying in first only much more comfortable. I heard whispering as I came closer to it. I peeped around the corner and saw Emily and Abigaro talking together. I couldnt help but eavesdrop and listen to their conversation.

"You are a disgrace to your ancestors," Emily informed.

"What are you talking about?" Abigaro replied.

"You are as naive as your parents. It was a breeze setting that fire. Hearing their screams was like music to my ears and now I'm here to finish the job," Emily spoke in a deep tone. Abigaro seemed confused but I immediately caught on.

"I-I don't understand," she stuttered in fear.

"You fool! Love is an underrated emotion. Anyone who commits treason while under the protection of the Warlock Domination Club must be killed!" Emily yelled. Abigaro was about to respond when Emily morphed into a familiar face. It was the same warlock who murdered my father. I froze and my heart skipped a beat for a moment. I began hyperventilating and sweat piled upon my forehead. I prepared to attack when suddenly he pulled out the same sword he used on my father a pierced it through Abigaro's chest. She took a glimpse at me before she fell to the ground. I screamed as my eyes filled with tears. I charged towards the man with fury and anger and my fist curled up, ready to punch. The warlock vanished into thin air right before I struck. I yelled at the sky. I fell down, bawling my eyes out and I grabbed Abigaro.

"Let the magic through. Help me save my loved. Let the power coarse throughout. Let the magic through. Help me save my loved. Let the power- let the power coarse- coarse throughout," I chanted as I stuttered with sadness and fear. I cried and chanted but the magic wasn't working.

"It's okay, Harley. It's okay," she whispered.

"No! No! Don't you tell me that! You hear me! I don't wanna hear another person I love tell me that! Help! Please! Someone help!" I shouted.

"Harley. You've done good. You get an A plus. No more practicing. You can go, and be who you were born to be," Abigaro smiled as she slowly wiped away her tears.

"No. I can't do it without you! I can't—," I cried.

"Don't worry. I'll see you soon. I love you," Abigaro said as she silently gasped for air. She brought me closer to her and kissed me on my cheek. She took one final breath before the light in her eyes slowly faded away. Soon, I heard footsteps rustling in the grass. They took Abigaro away to the infirmary as Jamie held me tight as I cried. It wasn't long enough before the doctors announced to the villagers that the Chief of Mayong was dead. I couldn't bare to hear it so I locked myself in my room until I fell asleep. I begged the universe to leave me alone. All I wanted was to be happy once more. But it seemed clear to me that I would never return to the happy, powerless six year old Harley Houdine Hope that I once was.
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