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Character Reference for CLASH!
Character Reference:

Name: Deanna Thanatos

Age: 210.

Physical Attributes:

Standing at 5'10'', Deanna has an imposing demeanour that has been an asset far longer than a hindrance. Not only useful for reaching the chocolate from high shelves, it enables her to throw punches much higher than her fellow scholars. A scattering of freckles over her pale skin don't blemish her startling clear complexion, even though she has a habit of eating sweet treats. Her face is pixie-shaped, and her dark as night eyes need make-up to disguise the red-rims, although with her nonchalant attitude she often lets her scarlet-wrung eyes glisten. To constantly look like she's been crying may be the only sign of her being a banshee, as due to lack of practice her ability to transform into a crow, stoat, hare and weasel has grown stale. Unlike the older banshees, she's disgusted at those who show themselves as an old, ugly hag, instead she chooses to appear as a stunningly beautiful woman at the age of 32. An age that calls for a youthful enough appearance to trick foolish men into suspecting less of her, but also an age that calls for a more mature level of respect in society. Her dark red hair, interrupted by streaks of grey, flows long and is confusedly unable to be cut. She's joked that it's because long hair is spookier when she's wailing at a family to warn death. Although, she's quietly annoyed at it, so always ties her hair up when not fulfilling her banshee role.

Social/Work life:

Deanna is the Primary Leader in the Scarlett Spirits establishment. An establishment founded on 20th June 1837 by herself, albeit with less grey hair, and her sister Killia, the Scarlett Spirits are the most-acclaimed female choir in London. Of course, since her sister's passing and consequential reincarnation to an unknown place fifty years after its' formation, the Scarlett Spirits aren't just a simple choir. They have since developed into a formidable fighting society, where several members and non-members learn how to make each part of the body a formidable weapon. This includes the art of Krav Maga, Taekwondo, and Aikido, all taught by hired specialists. Bataireacht and Dornacht, Deanna teaches herself. As well as the physical practices, Deanna implores her students to read around the art of fighting and bring something new into their sessions to enable them to surprise any attacker and increase their efficiency. Not just a good act to equip fellow females with protective skills, Scarlett Spirits serves as her source of income to help her submerge herself into humanity.

Outside of work, Deanna enters Bataireacht, Irish stick-fighting, competitions and routinely places highly. She's also part of a powerful alliance with a few members (also mythical humanoid creatures) of the choir and defence societies. As part of her role as a banshee, she often appears to spook people by forewarning over the impending doom. Although said impending doom happens faster for some, due to the shock of her sudden arrival and screech.

Things of note:

Loves spooking people by forewarning of their death. In her defence, it's fun.
Has a flair for dramatics. E.g. Always wears a long white simple chiffon dress to address the doomed.
Extremely good singer, so mixes up the wailing and screeching with a pleasant aria to alert the doomed. One memorable time she sang Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) in such a high frequency it literally shattered the man's heart, ironically making their blood go bad. She found this amusing.
Strong London accent. The one Americans use for their villains.
Obsession for sweet things e.g. chocolate.
When not addressing the doomed, she wears green, red or black.
Hands are bandaged from bare-knuckle boxing. Nervous habit of partway ravelling and unravelling the bandage.
Scars on her shoulders resemble ripped off wings from when she fell from an angel to a banshee. Of course, she does not remember her previous life.

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