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Health system of Bangladesh
People's republic of Bangladesh,a developing country of south-east Asia,started its journey as an independent country from 1971.Like all other countries,health sector has been an issue of concern for the government of Bangladesh from the early periods.By the grace of ALMIGHTY ALLAH,I have been working as a govt. Medical officer since December,2019 and gathering experiences about our health sector directly.All praises to AlLMIGHTY ALLAAH that Bangladesh has some remarkable achievements in health sector,to introduce about those positive facts in last 49 years of journey,I must highlight-
1. UN recognization of achievement MDG 4 in childhood mortality in 2010
2.gradual decrease in rate of maternal mortality rate by 40% between 2001 and 2010
3.Eradication of polio nationwide
4.A wide range of promotional activities to concern people about health and senitization.
Now if Almighty Allaah wills,I am going to focus on the points,which needs radical changes:
1.According to WHO,3.05 physicians per 10,000 population,only 124 secondary and tertiary level hospitals for 161.4 million people-so it is clear enough that we are far behind to meet the minimum level of standard facilities.
2.Corruption of third and fourth grade govt. staffs are so grave that it affect not only the patients but also govt. registered physicians.A govt. Physician have to give bribe to that staffs in every step for promotion,study leave,transfer,posting which is miserable.
3.Tertiary hospitals have huge lackings of essential instruments,ICU,CCU facilities ,let alone the facilities in primary health care services.All we have in our primary helath care centres is oxygen cylinder and some worn-out instruments.
4.Government rarely focus on postgraduation studies and research,which is a major drawback for physicians.
In conclusion,there are a lot of scopes for improvement in health sector of Bandggladesh.I would like to say that as a muslim I believe, every death and life,sickness and well being is powered by ALMIGHTY ALLAAH,but he blesses us with knowledge,efficiency,humanity to work for the service of patients.I pray to ALMIGHTY that people of my country get better services from us.

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