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One of God's greatest miracles happens every day, sunrise, waking the world from slumber.
Thinking about the miracle of rising "early" every morning sometimes shakes me to my very core!

When I arise early in the morning, I can hear the absolute quiet of my home. Nothing, and I mean nothing is moving, and it is just me and the silence.

Then as the dawn begins to break through the sky, the birds begin to chirp, and the house itself takes on a different kind of quiet.

The outside world that was so dark through my window suddenly begins to turn to a lighter shade.

As the sun prepares to take over the night, the sky slowly but surely takes on different shades of colors.

And then right after I drift off into my prayers and thank yous for another day, the sun cracks the dawn and that everyday miracle happens all over again -- brightness-- the miracle of the beginning of another day.

WOW, what a delight to be able to watch this miracle occur day after day, and know that I had nothing to do with making it happen.

Usually, we as people spend a lot of time thinking about or going over our accomplishments or failures or plans or whatever, but we rarely take the time to welcome and appreciate the beauty of watching another day unfold.

This morning, I challenge each of you tomorrow morning to get up early -- 5:00 a.m. or so, and watch this miracle occur. Clear your mind about everything else. Just sit and watch this miracle happen and think about all that is occurring as this is happening. Then pay close attention to the fact that it is happening without you doing one single thing. NOTHING, but just sitting there!

Every single day I am awed by this miracle. I ask myself if there is no God, then whoever is controlling all of this -- no money involved, no labor from humans required, no visible anything, must be omnipotent for there is no way for all of this to occur in my world without the existence of an all-powerful being.

I am in awe of the wonders of my God, and because of just this morning miracle, I pay homage to my God daily.

Good morning, family, friends, neighbors, and everyone else that makes up our universe.

May this be your best day ever, and may you rise early tomorrow to watch this miracle get your day started.

Peace and blessings always.
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