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Please feedback my grammar, sentences and words. Thank you a lot.
At times, I felt that there was a generation gap between my parents and me. Just 30 years ago, my parents had to use a rechargeable battery to store electricity, now all my household appliances would be useless without electricity. I remember when I first saw a phone; I was amazed to find a device allowing people to communicate without their presence. Then the cell phone appeared. At first, it was quite boring, just to make calls and text messages. But time passed, cell phone now becomes a smartphone, which is as convenient as a computer.
I find that my generation is considerably influenced by the Internet and social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. There are some people through social networks to see the world when circumstances don't allow them to travel. With the Internet, it is easy to see people on the other side of the world, see their daily lives, and the way they live. And with the growing exposure, there is an increasing demand to travel, to know more about other cultures. Thanks to the Internet, the flow of ideas and knowledge also becomes easier. Just search Google for "ways to manage time, maintain habits, control emotions, build up teamwork skills...", you will get some tips instantly.
And with the emerging desire for studying abroad, travel, business, the need to learn a foreign language also rises. I think now is the best time to learn a foreign language, with lots of learning applications, a vast amount of content ranging from newspapers, videos, movies. But frankly, learning a foreign language is not easy, especially when you have work and family to care for. So, when you're still young and free, take time to learn something. I bet you won't regret it.
I thought the language was a medium to communicate, so learning language couldn't be very difficult. But today, as I watched a video of two Americans talking about studying Japanese for 5 years, I was surprised that learning a foreign language could take such a long time. It seems that some languages are more difficult to learn than others. Japanese, Russian, Arabic, I guess hard to learn.
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