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Trying to make notes of Gospel
Mathew Chapter 1- Day1
I think even though the word of God says a 1000 days are like a day in God's eyes and a day is like a thousand days, which makes us think and make it seem there's no timeline, I think God actually has a timeline and time limit, planned for everything. And He makes everything so precise and coded. He's wise. He does alot of coding.
14 generations from Abraham to David, then from David to the captivity, another 14 generations, and captivity to Jesus is also14 generations.
This may or may not necessarily mean that He uses 14 days but I'm beginning to think He likes multiples of 7. This may just show He works with time.

God first comes to you in the form of an idea like how Joseph decided to marry Mary. Then He seems to ruin the plan like how Mary got pregnant and Joseph decided to leave Mary. Then God, knowing and wanting to accomplish the plan He put in your heart, will still keep you in the "mess" but talks to you there. He made an angel visit Joseph and encourage him not to leave Mary. Then God, at the right time, accomplishes His plan in your life. When it was time for Mary to conceive, she did, making Joseph's dream to marry Mary possible and giving them a greater gift above all, Jesus.

He really knows what He's doing and has everything planned. Everything sure works out for the good of those who love Him.
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