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You must count your typos before they hatch. Or something. (Winner, Cramp.)
Once upon a time, there was a day.

That day didn't have a name.

It was the 13th of the month, and the moon was full.

"I know, I know," said the chief namer-of-days ('NOD' for short). "Let's call it MOONDAY, since the moon is full!"

All the others in the department of day affairs cheered. This business of naming days was a serious one, and they were always happy when the name had the right feel to it. Moonday sounded so good. And if there could be a Sunday, why not a Moonday?

So, they gave the printer the name to print on signboards, letterheads, visiting cards and hoardings. These were carefully designed, with logos showing the moon, waxing, waning, half and full. The printer got all the illustrations right.


he got the spelling of the name of the day wrong.

He dropped an O.

Consternation in the department of day affairs! The Chief NOD couldn't even nod off to sleep! The signs ALL read MONDAY instead of MOONDAY! There was no point in asking the printer what he thought the point of all the moon illustrations was, if not to illustrate Moonday. There was no point in anything any more. Monday! Monday the 13th. It occurred once in a blue moon and people got the Monday Blues on that day, but the deed had been done.

Monday the 13th it was and would remain.

So now, on this day, everyone drops their os.

Anything written n this day, lses all the ' 's it shuld have cntained. Thse ' 's are abslutely nt t b fund, yu knw. Thanks t bad prfreading, thse ' 's are dmed frever. And yu can see fr yurself, nw, what havc this des, hw it tys with yur cmprehensin. 'R desn't it? Culd yu cmprehend this whle paragraph, really and truly? Hnest? Why, then, Mnday the 13th need nt be ntrius after all! Hray!
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