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Wendy is curious about wedgies so she tries some out. It doesn't end well for her though.
This is a wedgie story based off the anime fairy tail. I didn't create any of the characters. The one OC in this chapter (Brandon) was created by Rhinomaster.

It's been a few days since wendy had gotten her first wedgie and she was curious about them. Wendy decided to head to a nearby book store and bought a few books about wedgies. She got a few weird looks causing her to blush and she quickly headed back to her apartment. She was only a few pages in when carla woke up and wendy hid the books out of embarrassment. "Good morning wendy." Carla says as she gets up and walks over to wendy. "Morning, carla. Are you still going to visit the other exceeds today?" Carla nods and says "yes I am. Why did you want to know?" Wendy replies "oh no reason. I was just wondering. Making sure I've got the right date." Carla nods and says "alright. I'll be back in a few days wendy." Carla flies out of the room heading in the direction of the exceed's new capital city. Once wendy is sure carla is gone,she pulls the book back out and flips to a random page. "Wedgies sound real painful, but I'm just so curious. I'll just try a few and stop." Wendy thinks to herself. She looks down at the book to see which page she flipped to. On the page it says frontal wedgie and wendy thinks to herself "a frontal wedgie? That sounds pretty self explanatory. I guess I don't have to read about this one."

         Wendy sets the book down and reaches both hands down the front of her pants. She grabs the front of her underwear and pulls them straight out and up to her neck. When the pair comes out,they are revealed to be a white pair of grannies with cat faces. "Owie,that was pretty painful." Wendy says to herself as she let's the pair go and they fall down all bunched up outside her pants. Wendy reaches down the front and begins picking out her wedgie while she flips to another random page in the book. Once wendy is done picking out her wedgie,she looks to where she flipped to. The page says "shoulder wedgie". Wendy reads through the steps and stands up. "So first I grab my undies and pull them up" wendy says as she pulls her grannies out of the back of her pants. "Next,I pull until the leg holes are able to be secured over the arms". Wendy pulls upwards groaning a little until she places the leg holes over her arms. "Finally, push the leg holes up to the shoulders and release them there". Wendy pulls one leghole up at a time and places both on her shoulders. "Ugh this hurts." Wendy groans to herself as she sits in the shoulder wedgie trying to get out of it. Wendy is able to pry her underwear off her shoulders after a few minutes and she uses both hands to pick out her wedgie and stuff her underwear back down her pants. Wendy's panties still stick out by a few inches,but wendy doesn't notice.

         "These wedgies hurt more than I thought they would. Still,I'm curious about the different types. I hope no one finds out about this though, that would be really embarrassing. If Natsu found out,he would tease me about it forever. I've got to keep this a secret." Wendy thinks to herself. Wendy picks the book back up and flips to a random page. "The hanging wedgie" is what is written at the top of the page. "So I have to hang from somewhere? I don't have anything in here to hang by. Let's see what the book says. Hmm it says hanging from a tree is a good choice. This sounds like it'll be painful, but I'm going to try it anyway. I sure hope no one sees me." Wendy thinks to herself. Wendy gets her bag and places the book inside as she exits her apartment. Wendy begins walking in the direction of the woods when she runs into Brandon.

         "oh hey Brandon. Nice to see you." Wendy says with a smile. "Hey wendy. Where are you heading in such a hurry?" Wendy quickly responds "oh uh I was just heading into the woods to do some training." Brandon says "cool see you later." As wendy turns around to leave,Brandon sees her her panties hanging a few Inches out of her pants. Brandon chuckles to himself and calls out to wendy. "Hey wendy,nice cat faces!" Wendy turns around in confusion before realizing he was pointing at the back of her pants. Wendy turns her head and blushes as she sees her panties sticking out. Wendy's face turns red and she quickly shoves her panties back down into her pants. Brandon laughs at her cute blush and walks away. Wendy regains her composure and continues walking towards the woods. Wendy reaches the woods and looks around for a good spot for the wedgie. After a few minutes of searching she finds a strong enough branch and she climbs up the tree.

         Once up the tree she reaches into the back of her pants and pulls her panties up to her shoulders, letting out small groans each time she pulled. Once the leg holes are far enough out,she hooks the leg holes onto the branch and sits there. "Should I really do this? I don't want to get stuck up here. No,I'll do it. Its just a wedgie after all. I've faced worse." She thinks to herself. With that,wendy jumps off the branch and her grannies shoot up her butt. Wendy lets out a small scream of pain and a few groans of pain. "Owie this hurts more than I thought it would". Wendy thinks as she hangs there. As wendy hangs there the wind starts blowing causing her to sway back and forth. This swaying makes the panties dig deeper in and she groans with each movement. Wendy hangs for an hour until she hears a ripping sound. Wendy looks up at her panties and sees some holes starting to form. "Aw my undies are ripping? I liked this pair. Well at least this well allow me to get down from this wedgie." Wendy thinks to herself. After no more rips came from her panties, wendy thought "I think the book said something about bouncing to make panties rip. Guess I'll try that." Wendy begins bouncing herself in her panties each time groaning and squealing as her wedgie was deepened. The bouncing began making more and more tears in the fabric until a loud rip was heard and wendy fell face first onto the ground with her butt in the air.

         "Owie,I'm not sure which hurt more,the wedgie or this fall". Wendy thinks as she gets up while rubbing her butt. Wendy dusts herself off and grabs the ripped remnants of her panties before heading back towards town. She goes through town with a tiny blush since she has no panties on. Wendy soon arrives back at her apartment and gets some ice for her butt. She lays down for a few minutes to rest before pulling the book out of her bag and selecting another random page. Wendy bookmarks the page and goes to her dresser to get some new panties. Wendy reaches into the drawer and pulls out a light pink pair. As wendy puts the pair on,its revealed there is a small dragon on the front and the words "dragon princess" printed across the butt. On the back,there was a name tag as well as her name sewn Into the waistband. They fit perfectly over Wendy's booty as she pulls her pants up and sits down. Wendy opened up the book to the page she bookmarked and reads the title. "The atomic wedgie" is written on top of the page followed by a description and steps to achieving the wedgie. Wendy reads through the page and thinks "there is no way this is possible. Pulling underwear over someone's head? I have to see if this is actually possible."

         Wendy puts the book down and stands up. She reaches down the back of her pants and grabs her panties. She yanks them up a few times causing her to groan. She gives a few more yanks and tugs until she is able to see the back of her panties with her eyes. Wendy lets go of the waistband and it snaps down over her head and into her mouth. Wendy lets out a muffled scream from the pain. She tries prying the panties off her head but is unsuccessful. After a few more attempts she gives up and decides to ask someone for help. "This is going to be so humiliating." Wendy thinks to herself as she blushes up. Wendy opens her door and walks out. She exits fairy hills and begins walking in the direction of the guild. As she walks she hears people laugh at her and making fun of her panties. This causes wendy to blush up even more as she walks faster. Once wendy arrives at the guild,she opens the door and stumbles in.

         People look at her as she walks in and a few laugh while others stare wondering what happened. A few people begin walking over to help her but Brandon arrives first. He grabs her underwear and pulls it out of her mouth and off of her head. He let's them go and they fall to hang out of her pants. "Thanks Brandon. That wedgie really hurt." Brandon nods and walks back to where he was sitting. Wendy begins picking out her wedgie and stuffing her panties back down her pants when lucy and a few others comes over and asks "wendy how did you end up in an atomic wedgie?" Wendy blushes and says "well uh I was walking to the guild and these older boys ambushed me and pulled my undies over my head." The few who were concerned about this believe her. Wendy decides to sit down by lucy and the two talk for a bit before wendy gets up to leave.

         "I'll see you later Lucy." Wendy says as Natsu walks in front of her and says "where are you going little sis?" Wendy replies back "Oh hey Natsu,I was just going to head to my apartment." Natsu grabs wendy and says "sorry sis,but you can't just yet. Me and the others voted on it and decided to make you the guild's new wedgie girl." Wendy tries backing away saying "wedgie girl? what do you uh mean by that?" Brandon shows up behind her and says "it means you have a lot of wedgies in your future,dragon princess." He reaches down the back of her pants while natsu reaches down the front. Wendy lets out a loud squeal of pain as she is lifted off the ground and brought outside. She is brought over to the flagpole where natsu and Brandon switch spots. Natsu goes to the back to hook Wendy's panties up while Brandon gives a couple hard pulls in the front. Wendy tries pleading with them "owie guys please don't. Owwie natsu do you have to do this? It hurts." Natsu finishes hooking Wendy's panties up and says "sorry sis. You are the new wedgie girl so you are going to get this and many other wedgies. Don't worry,I won't usually go too hard on you,you are my dorky little sister after all."

         Wendy blushes a little but then squeals as Brandon and natsu begin pulling her up the flagpole. A crowd gathers to watch as the young mage is pulled up the flagpole. Some looked on and felt bad for the poor girl while others cheered on natsu and Brandon, some were even chanting "wedgie girl". Once wendy has reached the top of the pole,natsu ties the rope off securing her there. Natsu grins and shouts up to wendy "how's the view up there,wedgie girl?" Wendy blushes up as the crowd laughs some more. "When can I come down? This hurts!" Wendy calls down to natsu. "You have to hang there until your grannies rip or someone lets you down". Natsu calls back up to her. With that,natsu heads back into the guild. The crowd disperses after a couple photos were taken.

         Wendy blushes and groans as she hangs there swaying in the wind. "Owiie,this hurts. I wish I'd never picked up that wedgie book. I wouldn't be up here if I hadn't gave myself those wedgies." Wendy thinks to herself. Wendy hangs there for a few hours swaying in the wind wishing she hadn't given herself any wedgies. After four hours,wendy is groaning in pain when she hears someone walk up below her. Wendy looks down and sees Brandon below her. Brandon calls up to her "you want some help down,dork?" Wendy calls down "yes please! I've been hanging up here for so long. My tushy really hurts." Brandon walks up to the flagpole and begins pulling wendy back down. After a few minutes,wendy was back on the ground and unhooked from the pole. "Ah feels so good to be back on the ground. Thanks for letting me down,Brandon." Wendy says as she begins picking out her wedgie and shoving her panties back down her pants. Brandon grabs Wendy's hands and says "I let you down. Now you owe me." Brandon grabs wendy's still exposed panties and launches them back up. Wendy squeals as she is lifted off the ground and bounced until her waistband is placed down under her chin. Wendy lets out a muffled cry as her panties are placed over her face. "Now,time for the front." Brandon says. Brandon reaches down the front of Wendy's pants and launches the front up to her head. Wendy let's out a series of muffled cries as she is bounced for a few minutes and then the front is pulled over her face. Brandon then pulls her pants to her ankles and lifts her out of them. "Wow wendy,never knew how big your butt was. Your cheeks look like two pale moons." Wendy blushes under the fabric covering her face as Brandon grabs her hands and says "come on wendy. I'll lead you home."

         Brandon leads wendy back to her apartment and along the way people laugh and take pictures. After walking for a few minutes, they reach fairy hills dormitory. "Well this is where I leave you. See you later,dork". As Brandon is walking away he gives a slap to wendy's butt and chuckles as her cheeks jiggle. Wendy groans as she rubs her butt and heads into the dormitory. Once inside she uses her strong sense of smell to locate her room,although this backfires on her because of her having to smell her own butt. Wendy heads upstairs to her room and immediately tries prying her panties off her head. After a few unsuccessful attempts, she is able to get both sides off her head and they fall down leaving her with nothing except her shirt. Wendy doesn't bother pulling her panties back up and instead goes straight to her bed,falling asleep immediately.
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