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To the Moon and Back

Sally pranced, danced. “Look at me, I’m a unicorn. A pink sparkly unicorn. I am flying through the air. Here daddy! Dance with me. Let’s fly through the air. We can be unicorns. We can fly to the moon.”

“To the moon? We don’t have time to go to the moon. We have to fix supper for mommy.”

“Mommy will wait for us. We’ll be back in fourteen years. Then we’ll have five pink jellybeans for supper. And purple juice.” Sally anointed my head with the glitter wand. “There, you are now the Queen of the unicorns. You may now lead us to the moon, oh Queen of the Unicorns.”

My Queenly regalia consisted of a feather cape found one day at a thrift store, a pink ball cap with sparkles someone gave Jane years ago, and blue suede boots. Sally wore a purple bathrobe and orange flip flops. She had a glittery magic wand, also known as the Swiffer mop.

I decided prancing around the basement playroom as Queen Unicorn was lots more fun than fixing dinner. Sally was right, mommy will wait for us, even if it took fourteen years to come back from the moon.

So we pranced like only unicorns can, we played hide and seek, we colored in the coloring books Grandma sent last week, we dressed the Barbie dolls. The basement was a mess.

“Hey! What are you two doing down here?” Jane yelled from the steps.

“Hi mommy! We’re unicorns and daddy is the Queen!” Sally ran and gave her mommy a kiss.

“Yes, yes he is.” She started to laugh.

“Are you laughing at me?” I stood in the midst of all the chaos, the glitter, feathers, crayons, and doll clothes.

“I would never laugh at the Queen of Unicorns. I think you are adorable. Would I be allowed to give the Queen a kiss?”

“Only if you know the magic password.”

Jane walked to me. “I think it would be ‘I love you. To the moon and back.’”

“That is correct.” I brushed glitter from my face and hair. “You may now kiss the Queen.”

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