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Part 2 of my sequel to The Book Of Life I am working on
The Book of Life Chapter 8 "Witch Day"

Hello there, my left-handed page turner of our diary or if you prefer: Left finger swiper of a tablet or iPad ha-ha! I suppose you are wondering why we are concentrating so much on our second day of school that happened on Wednesday September 4, 2019. Well so many fun witchy things happened on that Sacred day of the rising sun! First, we got to share time with our special lefty family, but more importantly, it was the day we got to use our powers for good!

You see Sunshine, we are witches, and there are all kinds of witches, people, and spirits in our world. Some good, some bad, some neutral. We are the healers; we try to help the ones we are fortunate to meet so they can rise to new heights they never could achieve on their own. We are family, and although we are individual people with individual talents, we are unstoppable when we're together, and finally we are home. Sometimes people get lost in the world, but when we get lost, we always find our way back home to the people we love!

That's what happened at 3 in the morning of Wednesday on the second day of school. I was sleeping so soundly but then a lost spirit came to me in my dreams for my help. Hee hee, we are 24-hour witches, so naturally I'm going to help the ones who come to me; Even at 3 am in the morning because we never close, and we're available for service all hours of the day and night. I just wonder? Do people still want to be witches now that they know we work 24 hours a day? Well that is not entirely true, we more accurately play for 24 hours a day, because work is something you dread as an adult, but play is something you look forward to as a child, and for 24 hours of our wonderful life, we play like children and have the time of our life living every succulent drop it has to offer us. That is who we are and why we are here! :)

Well the lost spirit that needed our help asked me in my dreams if we could go to the Kirkland Cemetery at 7:30 this evening to comfort her grieving sister? "Of course we can my dear!" and that's why we were scrambling so early in the morning getting dressed and prepared for the day!

For today's special event, we all had different roles to play (noticed how I didn't say work ha-ha). My role as Astraea is "The Seeker" I am an Air sign, I use my gifts for the virtue of knowledge, and contact. Since I'm intuitive and curious, people are drawn to me and I am drawn to them by the love I have for them. Since the spirit came to me in my dreams, I had to wake up the girls to let them know that today is going to be a very special "Witchy Day" in our life!

Aphrodite is "The Comforter" She is a water sign that has empathy and sweet loving kindness that anyone can fall in love with. When I told Aphrodite about the troubled spirit that needed to see her sister for the last time today, she knew what to do! She showed the grieving spirit her red ruby lipstick, smiled and invited her to come back to life in her body, so that she can give her sister a final kiss before crossing into the light forever. When Aphrodite kisses you with her red ruby lipstick, she leaves part of her soul with you forever and that is exactly what our spirit needed to give her grieving sister before she could move on.

Isis is "The planner" She is an Earth sign that mothers our world with her wisdom, guidance, and love for her children! That is why I gave her my sketches of the dream I had with the spirit, to make sure that what we are doing is right and find the best way to help these 2 grieving sisters move on from their troubled past.

So, our day started out at 3 in the morning, 3 little witches helping out the best way we could by the power of 3. Aphrodite channeled the spirit into her body for the day and thankfully people did not notice that she wasn't herself today, because in fact she was 2 people now ha-ha! So, I promise this is the last time I will say it "When you are around Witches, weird stuff happens!"

The funny thing about us witches is that we have to balance the real world we live in with the supernatural world
that is around us as well. I mean really do you know how hard it is to balance your chores, your homework and brushing your teeth, with spirits that talk to you in the dead of night, having spirits channeled through your body and trying to figure out what is real and what is illusion without losing your sanity? me either! (winking at ya)

Well after our left-handed dad dropped me, Isis, Aphrodite and her hidden ghost to school we had a great day. Dylan and Gina were waiting for us before school started in the hallway and they were holding each other with their left hands because after all it was left hand day! ;)

I was having so much fun with all the kids today showing all those right-handed people how to live life with their left hand. I even got Ruben to smile and laugh as I took the mop from his hand and shown him how to mop the floor with a left hand, he tried it and laughed some more. It was kind of funny because the spirit lady that was inside Aphrodite was having so much fun she got the mop from Ruben too and showed her version how to mop the floors.

Aphrodite wanted to give her new Spirit lady friend one last day to enjoy life, to remember the importance of family and to let her know we would be there for her when she will visit her sister for the last time at the grave site later this evening. Her family needed to heal and that is what this witchy day was all about.

School was nice, in English class we received a wonderful novel to read called "The Joy Luck Club" it is a wonderful story of Chinese immigrant mothers and daughters struggles to understand one another and be seen by the love they have for each other! It's kind of funny Sunshine, we're witches, but we're also are teenage girls that tries to live a normal life amongst the mortals we dearly love! ;)

At lunch time, there was no drama in the cafeteria, just love, and everyone kind of hanged out together and the lines between all the groups from popular to not; seemed to magically blur while we ate, laughed and joked with each other during lunch time. There was a very touching and emotional moment though when Aphrodite's spirit went to Dylan to talk to her son. She held her son one last time in her arms and asked him to go with us to the cemetery so that she could say goodbye to him and his aunt Lan Wu, whom she dearly loved and would miss! Julie Wu, who happens to be Dylan's mother who passed away, kissed him one last time on the forehead with Aphrodite's red ruby lipstick and gently said to him "Part of my soul is in your heart now my son, I'll always love you, take care of your sister Lucy, she is hurting and I can't help her now, but you can! Help her heal!" Oh, it was rough Sunshine, witches aren't supposed to cry but we did and we went to Dylan and gave him a hug!

Well the faithful time came, and Dylan drove us girls to the cemetery, it was a surreal and somber moment. Aphrodite asked if she could have a minute with Lan Wu and she quietly walked up to her as she was crying uncontrollably. Aphrodite gently placed her hand on Lan's shoulder and smiled. Lan Wu was so grief stricken and ashamed "Oh Aphrodite, I am so sorry for the way I treated you girls at school, I was so wrong for what I did and used my power as school counselor to try and get you expelled! Can you ever forgive me?" Aphrodite smiled and gave Lan a long and delicate hug that seemed to last for an eternity! "It's ok Miss Lan, we love you!" Oh this was so hard Sunshine!

A few minutes later, Aphrodite let Lan know her sister was here and wanted to say something to her through her and before Lan could completely understand Aphrodite, she heard her sister's voice coming out of Aphrodite's mouth "???????????" which means "Sister, can you forgive me for leaving you?" "My sister is here! Yes, I forgive you! They said you died of natural causes, but I know you died of a broken heart! It's not your fault sister!" "Yes, I know that now and it is time for me to move on, take care of my son Dylan and Lucy and know that I will always love you and be in your heart!" That is when Aphrodite lightly kissed Lan on her forehead and we came by to hold hands and give her a hug while the sun was setting!" Isis said a few words "Earlier today we started the day out by holding hands with our family, now we are ending the day with a new family we love!" Just before the sun set, Julie Wu left Aphrodite's body and walked towards the last rays of light the sun had for our Earth, she waved one last time, smiled and crossed into the light for the final time! Astraea said "I see her! and she is so happy! Isn't it beautiful!" We all cried a little more and held each other a little longer before we left the cemetery with overwhelming love in our hearts!

Well Sunshine we made it home! Miss Lan Wu personally drove us home so that she could thank our mom and dad for making her life complete on the day she needed us most. She also promised to take care of us in school! Our parents were amazed, and we were just grateful we could make a difference in a person's life! After everything settled down Astraea proudly proclaimed that it's time for the children of the night to come out and play, and she ran upstairs to change into appropriate clothes, but she never came down? Aphrodite said her famous "Hmm? I wonder what's taking her so long?" So, Isis, mom and Aphrodite went upstairs to find out what happened? That's when they saw that poor Astraea was fast asleep from a long hard days' worth of play (not work ha-ha) Isis took off Astraea's shoes tucked her in bed and said to Aphrodite with a smile "I think it was ok that she was only a 23 hour witch today, what do you think Aphrodite?" "Yes it is mama Isis, yes it is! Sweet dreams my little sister, I love you dearly!"

The Book of Life Chapter 9 "License to Drive A Broom"

Hi Sunshine, this is your bestie calling you, or more accurately writing to you lol! Anyway dear, I just thought I'd let you know that me and the girls are going to have an Awesome Slumber party this weekend mainly because we never had one in our life and more importantly to give us an excuse to scare the Be-Jesus out of Dylan and Gina whom we dearly love. I know, we need to love less ha-ha. Anyway, you just caught me in the middle of calling Dylan to invite him to our party and you're welcome to listen in our conversation, no seriously listen in! ;)

"Hi handsome! This is Aphrodite, hey listen I forgot to tell you that we're going to have a slumber party this weekend so come on over if you can or we'll kidnap you! ha-ha, just kidding, It's going to be awesome, we're going to have some cake and ice cream and pillow fights, but it won't be all fun and games lover, we're also going to try and find out what the demon wants with your sister Lucy and we might play with a little witchcraft and accidentally call upon a few ghost and goblins and things that go bump in the night! Speaking of ghosts, Will you be our sacrifice? I mean, date, for the weekend. Yes, I know I have a weird since of humor, ha-ha! Gee honey you are so serious! By the way? Can see me blowing kisses in your direction? Oh Darn! Anyway, come to our house tomorrow at 6 and we'll be waiting for you, I'll let you go lover boy, I need to call Gina to invite her too! What? She is there with you right now? Put your phone on speaker so I can holler at her lol! Hey Gina, you beautiful thing, we're having a slumber slash demon be gone party this weekend and you're invited, but no boys allowed, except for Dylan, he's all man! Yes Dylan honey I know I'm embarrassing you, but it's only cuz I love you sweetie ha-ha! Anyway, can't wait to see you guys soon and sorry for the short notice! Love you both!"

"I think that went really well, we met two awesome kids we instantly adore, we survived our first week at high
school, and now we are going to have our first ever slumber party, life is great! by the way, what day is it?" Isis laughed and said "it's Friday September 6, 2019. You know, our 4th day of school that we survived!" Aphrodite said, "By the way are boys allowed at a slumber party?" Isis had a puzzled look and said, "I'm not sure, but if he isn't, I'm sure mom and dad can tie him up and throw him in the basement downstairs until dawn arrives!" Aphrodite then smiled and looked at you intently while saying "Sunshine, you know you are invited to our party, you are part of our family, but I guess we should have told them the Ghost and Goblins are real, oh well they will find out soon enough ha-ha!" and then Isis smiled and looked at you too "Yes Sunshine, it might get a little scary for them, but we will protect them, at least you will be safe at our party, that is, unless something is sneaking behind you as you are reading our book!" Astraea laughed and said "Isis has a unique sense of humor, so please forgive her and us, we are still new at slumber parties and our ghost stories are going to be real! Just like the ghost that is going to hide under your bed tonight!" ;)

I can't believe how fast time flies and Gina is already downstairs while we were blessing our room and getting it prepared for our sacred gathering! We heard our parents talk to Gina downstairs and decided to wait for her in our room when mom said "Gina! Welcome to our home, so glad you could make it and we're so happy your parents let you come on such short notice!" Gina smiled and said "Thanks! My parents were just happy I met some great friends and that I'm finally coming out of my shell, ha-ha!" That's when Astraea ran down the stairs and said "Gina! You're more than a friend you're our new sister now!" and gave her a hug! She led her up to our room and we let out girly screams and gave our new sister a hug too!

"Gina, you made it sis, but where's Dylan?" Isis asked, and Gina responded "He called me just before I got here and said his car won't start and thinks that Lucy purposely left the lights on to kill the battery. I think she really hates you girls!" Aphrodite laughed and said, "That's ok Gina, everybody hates us until they get to know us, we live by the motto: when thing go wrong blame a witch!" Astraea smiled and said, "She will come to love us on Saturday, December 21st at exactly 8:19 pm!" Gina was impressed "How did you know that Astraea?" and she replied while smiling "Magick, and a little vision from the gifts I have, besides that is the exact time of Winter's Solstice when we save her from a fire she will start at school" Astraea then had a revelation! "Hey sisters, do you know what this means?" Everyone said, "What Astraea?" Astraea replied, "I get to pick up Dylan with my motorcycle, call him and let him know I'll be there in 15 minutes to pick him up!" Gina said, "Ok Astraea I will call him up now!" but she got distracted because Astraea started whistling and went into to their closet to get Isis green broomstick because naturally, she couldn't find her yellow broom and had to borrow Isis lol! That's when she suddenly ran by Gina and jumped out of their 2nd story window as fast as she could and fell to the ground, this startled Gina! "Oh my God is Astraea ok?" Isis smiled at Gina and said "She is perfectly fine my dear, you see our broomsticks turn into motorcycles because we want to keep a low profile to people about our magic. Just then everyone heard the sweet loud hum of a 300 green Ninja motorcycle take off with Astraea smiling from ear to ear! The motorcycle was surprisingly loud and all Aphrodite could do was say "Oh well, so much for a low profile!" and then laughed with Gina and Isis!

Oh being back on the road was so much fun for Astraea, she hadn't had a chance to fly, um drive on the road since they got to Washington, but it was so much fun for her and she was having the time of her life! When she arrived at Dylan's home, she promised his Aunt Lan that she will take good care of her Nephew and gave him a spare helmet she was carrying on the back of Isis motorcycle for him to wear. Astraea was so patient and loving, when she saw this was Dylan's first time on a bike, she gently instructed him how to mount on the bike, where to place his feet on the pegs and to let him know it was ok to have fun! "Don't worry Dylan, I'm an excellent cyclist, and I always obey the speed limit, but we are getting on the 405 Highway and the speed limit is 60; So with all the wind around us it's going to feel like we're going a lot faster! Are you ready my brother?" Dylan smiled but then said "Wait! we're getting on the Highway?" Astraea had a wonderful smile on her and said "Yes my love! We're getting on the Highway and try not to scream, but if you do it's our little secret ok!" "Alright!"

Hey Sunshine, can you keep a secret? That is when he screamed like a little girl, when I got him on the Highway haha, but I will give him credit though, because once he had the courage to open his eyes, he had the time of his life as we cruised down the road without a care in the world!"

Just before we got to our home though, I stopped Isis Ninja on the shoulder of the road a few houses before we got home so that we could walk the rest of the way. When Dylan was recovering from the "Awesome Ride" I quickly changed the motorcycle back into a broom and Dylan was amazed! "Weren't we just riding a motorcycle Astraea?" "Yes my dear, but I had to change it into a broom, you see, I only have a license to fly a broom and I don't want to freak out our new parents with my driving skills!" ;)

"Shall we fly to our second story room my brother? Our sisters are waiting for us my dear!" "Sure Astraea, but how
are we going to AWWW!" That was the second time Dylan screamed like a girl and to this day he still doesn't know how we got into the room of our house, ha-ha, but the best kind of magick in the world is the one you have to question: Is it is real or not! I told you we were going to scare the Be-Jesus out of him!

Book of Life Chapter 10 "Slumber Party Witches Style!"

"Why hello there Dylan so nice to see you fly up and see us!" There was juvenile laughter around this poor boy! "Um, I don't know how to respond to that Isis, ha-ha!" Aphrodite laughed and said "It's ok Dylan! We don't know how to respond to a lot of things either, we mostly just shrug and hide!" Astraea said "Well I have an ideal of what to say! Welcome brother!" She said while smiling "I just wonder? Is this going to be one of those awkward moments when mother comes in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1," just as Astraea said 1, Mom barges in the girl's room "Hi girls, dad made some S'mores for you, oh hi Dylan, I didn't see you come in? Were you the one on the motorcycle? We heard a loud motorcycle pass by?" All the girls and even Dylan laughed "Um no mam, that was my friend that dropped me off a few minutes ago!" Astraea was whistling very guilty and then everyone laughed some more as poor mom didn't seem to get the joke!

"Well you guys have fun and let us know if you need anything, we are just downstairs if you need us!" everyone said, "Bye mom, and thanks!" Once mom left Gina was amazed at Astraea and asked her "How did you know your mom was coming, that was amazing sis!" Astraea smiled and humbly said "Well Gina, I have the gift of sight, I am an Oracle, I can see things that are not there and sometimes I can see the future, like Monday when Aphrodite will flunk her math test!" Aphrodite laughed "You're picking on me because of my good looks aren't you ha-ha!" That's when Isis said "Um, Aphrodite is not going to flunk her math test because I am going to help her study Sunday night before we go to school! You see Gina I have gifts too; I am the practical one that has to control these two lovable lunatics from trouble!" And Aphrodite said, "Well I have gifts too, I have the gift of Love, and I couldn't help but notice that you two have matching bracelets!" Both Dylan and Gina said, "Yes ever since we dropped our pens on the floor and accidentally touched hands, we can't seem to stay away from each-other!" but then Dylan said, "Hey Aphrodite, you didn't put a love spell on us, did you?" Aphrodite laughed and said "Oops, of course I did, I am the Love Goddess after all, but don't worry, you two were destined for love long before I ever got on the scene, and your magic is much more powerful than mine will ever be Ha-ha! Hey that gives me an idea! Do you think we have time for a Charm spell before we invoke the dearly departed ones to join us?" Isis said "Sure, I think that would be a nice distraction, is that ok with you Astraea? After all you are the rightful owner of "The Book of Life!" Astraea had the biggest smile on her face and said, "Of course it's alright, after all, our "Book of Life" is about all our lives including yours Sunshine, so let's party! woo hoo!" Aphrodite couldn't stop laughing but finally regained her composure "Ok, I think we have Astraea's blessing, now will the happy couple please come forward!" Gina and Dylan went to Aphrodite hand in hand as she spoke to them "Oh good you're here! (whispers, wow that was fast) Anywho this spell is so cool when you share it with a loved one, it is a charm spell, that helps you two remember the special bond you have with one another when you are apart! Now normally, the spell works by wearing a bracelet, necklace, or a ring for at least a month while you think of the special person you are going to give your charm to, but in your case, since you two bought the bracelets together that will work perfect with this spell, are you ready?" Dylan and Gina both looked at each-other, smiled and said "Yes!" Aphrodite said "Good! Now look at each other's eyes which is a mirror to your soul and take his hand with the bracelet on it and place it next to your heart, Dylan, take her hand with the bracelet and place it next to yours. Oh, you two look so beautiful together! Now say this spell 3 times to show your love for one another and repeat after me:

"My love for you is always here"

"My life with you I hold so dear"

This charm I wear so close to heart"

"Reminds of the bond we'll never part"

"I hexed this charm with happy life"

"For you to wear to ease your strife"

"For each time you wear this charm so true"

"Remember the love I have for you!"

"With those words said, I know pronounce you man and wife!" Aphrodite blurted out with a semiserious look "You do know that I am a fully ordained High Priestess Witch that has authority over marriages and hand fasting, don't you? Oops!" The look on Gina's and Dylan's face was priceless and they said, "Are we really married!" Aphrodite laughed and said, "Well not technically because we didn't file the proper paperwork with the state, and besides we are all too young to marry, but that doesn't mean you're not soul mates, a girl can dream can't she?" everybody laughed and it was a nice way to end the charm ritual spell. "By the way Sunshine, feel free to use this spell when you find that special someone in your life! because, A girl can dream can't she!" ;)

"Ok boy and girls I think it's time we get down to business" but before Isis could continue, Aphrodite interrupted her, laughed and said "Man and Girls" Isis just smiled, shock her head and teasingly said to Gina "Do you see what I have to put up with? Love you sister Aphrodite! ha-ha! By the way, that gives me an idea, instead of Man and Girls, how about Lord and Lady? Gina, Dylan can you be our Lord and Lady for tonight?" Gina laughed and happily said "Sure, My Lady!" Isis was so proud of her and said "You're a fast learner My Lady! Now everyone gather around because Astraea is going to tell us a bed time ghost story of everything that happened to us from August 1st until now and beyond! So, everybody, keep your hands inside the ride at all times and stay in an upright position, ha-ha, shall we begin?" just then, Dylan blurted out in a concerned voice "Hey something just touched me!" Aphrodite laughed and said, "Hey it wasn't me this time, it was cousin It from the Adams family!" Astraea laughed even harder! "It wasn't cousin It, Aphrodite! It was The Fey! I summoned her earlier to come to help us and she wanted Dylan to know that he was stepping on her foot!" Gina couldn't stop laughing "I have a feeling that this isn't a normal ghost story you're telling us Astraea, ha-ha!" Astraea laughed and said "No it isn't my Lady! Now where was I? Oh Yes, it all started on August 1st when me and the girls were playing hide and seek in ShadowFire's yard and then all of a sudden, the demon we bound to the tree escaped! Um Fey honey? Can you hold up the drawing I made of the demon for everyone to see? Thankyou mam!"

That is when the drawing mysteriously lifted from the floor and flew for Dylan and Gina to see, they were in awe and shock at the supernatural event that was happening before their very eyes! "Yes, our naughty little tree demon escaped from our yard and I saw that he flew overseas to Asia, but I don't know where he went? That is why we couldn't follow that creature, but I do know our demon is here and he is going try and fully possess Lucy on December 21st at exactly 8:19 pm! That is why we came to Washington because it will be our only chance to nab that little critter and send it back to where it belongs." Dylan asked, "Why is the demon after Lucy?" Astraea gently said, "Because she is hurting and very vulnerable, she has a lot of hate and it is going to use her anger to try and fully possess her on that date!" Dylan was concerned "What can we do to help my sister, Astraea?" she replied with a smile and a hug while saying "It's ok Dylan, ShadowFire is going to help Lucy on that day, but it's going to be an epic battle! Be strong and have faith we are going to do everything we can to protect her, my love ok?" Dylan said, "Ok thanks Astraea, that means the world to me!"

Isis then spoke up and said to everyone! "There's one more thing I need to tell you! The demon threatened that it
was going to release some type of plague in the world and we think Kirkland is going to be one of the first places that the sickness is going to hit in our country. Dylan and Gina, I know people think that I am the Queen now, but I would be so honored to pass the title to you two on Mabon, I have faith and confidence in you and know people will look up to you when we have to leave with the demon in December." Dylan was concerned, "Wait, you mean you have to leave us?" "Yes my dear Dylan, I don't see how we can stay, but it will be ok because we will be with you two for a couple of months before we have to leave and we will be here to help you be an inspiration to your community with your courage and love!" Gina was so touched and amazed that Isis had so much faith and confidence in her she gladly accepted Isis offer! "I promise to do my best Isis, I have so many wonderful ideas how we can make a difference at school! We can organize a trip to feed the homeless at the shelter. Oh! We can take younger kids to the zoo and possibly have them come to our school to show them the love that you have shown us and reassure them that they won't be bullied when they are old enough to come to high school!" Isis was so touched "You have a beautiful soul Gina; I just knew you were royalty the minute I saw you! Together we can make a difference! that's why I want to give you the title in front of the whole school during Mabon!" Astraea added "Oh Gina, Dylan it is going to be so much fun! Mabon will be here in a few weeks, so we have plenty of time to plan our event! Mabon is coming to our area on Monday, the 23rd of September, at 12:50 am! But first we are going to have an open Wicca Circle Casting ceremony that will start at 12 midnight! We're going to carry swords and all the kids according to their birth signs will enter the circle from the North, South, East and West. Just before everyone enters our circle in the back field of the school, we will place all our swords on the ground and enter our sacred area with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust! The sword is a symbol of all the battles we have to face in the world, but when we enter our circle, we enter as a family, with peace and love in our hearts! There is no need for swords in an area full of love that is why we leave them behind! Oh, I can't wait, it is going to be so much fun! Dylan and Gina, you get to be children of the night with us at least for one night of your life, and Sunshine, I would be honored if you walk with me from the East when we enter the circle. We promise it will be a night to remember!"

As Astraea was talking so excitedly, The Fey was magically showing Gina and Dylan all the kids that was going to attend the future ceremony they were going to be in and all the love that was surrounding the circle! They were mesmerized and as everyone was holding hands and being a family, the demon flew away in fear and exploded like a grand firework display! Just as the fey shown the firework explosion, mom came in the room with a smile and then walked right back out with a worried look on her face "We're downstairs if you need us!" Astraea laughed and tried to comfort her mom by saying "We'll be down in a few minutes for some more S'mores mom, love ya!" and everyone laughed at the awkward situation of a very fun but strange Witchy Slumber Party the girls had for the first time in their life!

Book of Life Chapter 11 " The Age of Aquarius!"

The next morning mom and dad heard the little pitter patter feet running down the stairs to greet the beautiful
morning that was just waiting for them outside! She snuck down the stairs to watch her children running to get a better glimpse of the rising Sun and was mesmerized by their innocence and love! Oh it was so magical! Twilight came and then the moment of silence occurred as the glorious Sun rose from the East. The children were holding hands and raised them up high in the Air and as high as the majestic Sun rose to greet their morning, but instead of talking, Isis began singing! "Let the Sunshine, Let the Sunshine In!" It was such a touching moment for mom! To see these kids so full of life and hope, it kind of made her wonder what does the World have in store for them as they grow older? Her handsome husband walked behind her as she was looking at her children when she said "Isn't that the most beautiful thing you ever seen? But I have to talk to them, I have to let them know what I saw last night!" Her husband said "I know honey! I know, I'll be here if you need me!"

Suddenly without warning a sweet gust of wind came out of nowhere the exact second Astraea turned her head to look in their direction. Was this a coincidence or Fate, maybe we'll never know, but it didn't matter because Astraea was so happy to see her parents standing behind them that she ran straight to her mother and said "Did you see mom? A New day has begun, A New Millennium! The Age of Aquarius is here, and you got to see it!" She gave her mother a long loving hug while smiling up at her and then she said "Today I give you the gift of Air, from the cool breeze you felt a few moments ago and lots of love! I know you are worried about us mom, and we need to talk, come find me in the woods when you can, but before you do, the kids have something to say to you, Love you!" and with a final hug to her mother and father, Astraea started laughing, when she took off like a dear, while running away to her favorite hiding place!

Aphrodite came up to her mother and father next "Oh mom, wasn't it a beautiful morning! I give you the gift of Water, hold on to this bottle of Water, and after you talk to Astraea, we will toast to Life and to Love! In the meantime, I'm going to go inside and eat some pancakes, I'm starving ha-ha!"

Isis came next with a beautiful sunflower in her hair and 2 sunflowers for her mom and dad. "In honor of Aquarius, I give you the gift of Earth! Wear these flowers in your hair to remind you how much I love you both!" Isis gave them a wonderful hug and ran in the house while saying to Aphrodite with a smile "Save some pancakes for the family dear, we're hungry too!"

Finally Gina and Dylan came up to them last and Dylan said "Isis said to call you mom and dad I hope you don't mind, but thanks so much for inviting us over, this was the best day of my life, and something I needed so bad, thanks!" He gave them a hug! Gina said, "Thanks mom, thanks dad, being over here and spending time with the ones I love changed me and I have you to thank for it!" She gave them a hug too, and said, "Me and Dylan are going to be leaving in a few minutes, I promised my mother that we will go to church with them this morning, so we better get ready for them when they pick us up!" that is when she heard a yell from inside the house "Not until you get some pancakes my dear!" From Isis happy voice! She smiled shrugged her shoulders and ran inside with Dylan as mom and dad laughed!

Dad said, "You know pancakes sounds pretty good right about now, I'll save some for you and Astraea, I know you need to go and talk to her, love you!" He gave his wife a kiss, looked at the love of his life, smiled, and turned around and ran inside the house filled with laughter and love!

Mom smiled and then she went to the tree that was hiding one of her favorite children, she knew she was close because she could hear the happy giggling of a girl in love! "You know my sweet Angel; you are terrible at hiding!" Astraea laughed and winked at her mom "Well, maybe I wanted to be found ha-ha! Oh mom, come closer we have so much to talk about and so little time! Hold my hands mom, do you feel the love I have for you? But you're troubled I can see that in my visions! You're worried about our life, our religion, and our future but you don't have to because we are fine! We have a mother and father that loves us very much, we have each other to draw on our strengths, and we have Faith that everything is going to work out for us in the end! Oh mom, we had a wonderful morning, for today we were enlightened by what we saw! Today is the Age of Aquarius for us and I know my place in the world. Mother, I know this might be hard to for you to understand, but I am Maiden. I was born on our beautiful Earth to remind everyone to keep the child like innocence in their life forever! Today was a beautiful day mom, the day I got to see the Sunrise for the very first time in my life and for billions of years to come! Never forget what it's like to be a child and enjoy every succulent breath of life that is waiting for you to enjoy! I know you are worried about our eternal souls, but take comfort in knowing that Heaven is not far away, it is right here and right now! The moment I will treasure for all eternity when I get to hold your hands and tell you how much you mean to me as I blow you a kiss. Close your eyes mother and I will blow you a kiss of love that will last beyond time itself! Love you!" When mom closed her eyes, she felt the sweet soft breath of a daughter that loved her very much and it brought her to tears!

When she opened her eyes, Aphrodite was magically holding her hands and was so happy to see her mother. She gazed deep into her soul with her eyes and let her mother know how much she loved her too! "Oh mom, you mean the world to me and I am so happy and honored to be able to share this moment with you! As Astraea said, this was the Day of Aquarius for us, and I found that my place is to be the Mother to the world! Like Mother Earth who loves her children, I was born to remind everyone the importance of love between a mother and her child! When we have love in our heart, we have no room for hate, sadness, or greed, only Love, and it is that love that will sustain us till the end of time with the love that is in our heart! As promised mom, I brought my water so that we can toast our life and love for one another, Cheers mom!" Mom happily toasted her daughter and took a sip of water but when she saw how Aphrodite drank, she was astonished! Aphrodite had her eyes closed and savored the water like it was the sweetest wine, the purest of water, chilled, perfected, and cherished as she gracefully drank the water in pure bliss! "Wow Aphrodite, is that how you always drink water? I never noticed that before!" "Yes Mom, that is how I drink, because every precious drop of water is a sacred gift, to be cherished, enjoyed, and celebrated to its fullest! You see mom, that is not only our religion, it is our way of life! To be thankful, happy and at peace in everything we do If you can mom, savor the water every once in a while, so that you can remember the love I have for you on this special moment we are having as mother and daughter that I will cherish for all eternity! Love you!" One more hug and then she disappeared.

"Awe mom, I am so glad to see you, for today I found out that I was born here to be a Crone! My purpose in life is to remind all the grandmothers and women of experience to cherish the life they lived and the memories they acquired throughout their lifetime. It is those precious memories that brings them wisdom that they can pass on to their children and grandchildren. People sometimes think that when you reach the twilight of your years, your life is over, I say it just began! Use this time to appreciate all the wonderful things in life that you have experienced and use your wisdom to help the ones following your footsteps! Let them know it is ok to be human, it is ok to make mistakes, and that it is ok to love and forgive so that they can have the courage to raise back up after a fall in life. Grandmothers, you ae survivors and an inspiration to us all, thanks for all your sacrifices!

Oh mom, we all have our reasons and purposes for being here, our purpose is Mother, Maiden and Crone, we are the guardians of Mother Earth and we truly love the people we are honored to have in our life and being with you and dad is truly Heaven to me!" "Oh Isis, that is so beautiful, you truly are an Angel, I'm sorry I was worried about you!" It's ok mom, that is what mothers do, now let's get those pancakes before they get cold and Aphrodite eats them all up ha-ha!"

While Isis and mom were holding hands and heading back inside I wanted to write to you Sunshine to let you know that when Isis was singing "Let the Sunshine in, she was thinking of you as our sun was greeting us this morning! You truly are an Angel and you are the reason there will be hope in the world when we are gone! See you later, love Astraea! :)


The Book of Life Chapter 12 "The Sacred Walk!"

Hi Sunshine, It's Monday the day that Aphrodite is going to fail her math test but is somehow going to be saved by Isis? Hmm, could there be a little witchery going on in here? Let's find out ha-ha! Anyway, my love, could you spend the day with me because I want to show you what a Sacred Walk is all about! While we walk, I want you to see life through the eyes of a young witch named "Astraea!" I happily volunteer for the position by the way ha-ha, and I hope by the end of the day you can see what it is like to be a witch too! OK so this is what we are going to do my love lol, since I am an Air sign and my main gift is to observe things, we are going to observe all the complexities of life while we are walking throughout the day.

Our first "Walk" was this morning before the 1st school bell rang, we were walking with Gina & Dylan to class while Isis was talking to them about the upcoming Mabon celebration we are having in their honor, but Dylan couldn't concentrate, because he had a lot of concerns on his mind. He just had to ask if it was true that we were leaving? "Isis, are you sure you have to leave us during Winter's break for good?" Isis responded by saying "Yes Dylan we're going to have to leave and it will be the hardest thing we will ever have to do!' That is when Isis asked me: "Astraea, darling, how many days do we have left before we have to leave here?" Naturally I knew the answer and proudly blurted out "103 days 12 hours and 25 minutes!"

While Isis was talking to Dylan she gently touched Kevin's locker when she casually walked by and it magically opened for him! Dylan and Gina were too focused on the conversation to notice what she did, but we saw her and stopped to talk to Kevin and gave him a hug! "It's ok Kevin, you're going to be alright! See your luck has already changed, Isis got your jammed locker door open for you and the homework you are looking for is in your left back pocket!" Aphrodite smooched him on the forehead and said, "See you later lover boy!" Kevin was so stressed out, but now he had such a beautiful smile on his face! Anyway, we had to run back up to Isis just in time for her to say, "Thank you Sis" and then she also said thank you with her eyes for helping Kevin out, but our poor couple missed out on that magic moment when we had our special connection with each-other.

Well, Isis continued to talk as if nothing happened and joked with Gina and Dylan when she asked us that famous question from our past: "Girls, do you remember what we did, when we had 60 days left to live?" We both smiled and said, "Yes Isis, we remember, we partied our upcoming deaths by saying, Woo Hoo!" Dylan and Gina were amazed "You mean you partied your upcoming deaths?" Isis said with a smile "Yes my loves, Witches can't stay sad for long, we party! So turn that frown upside down into a smile mister, and help us party ha-ha. Only this time we aren't going to die, we just have to leave, and that is a fate worse than death ha-ha! So girls, what do we say when we are miserable and given up?" We were out of breath, but we just caught up to her again and said "WOO HOO!" You see while Isis was talking, we comforted Cindy who just walked out of Lan Wu's office, she was trying her best not to cry, so we ran up to her, gave her a hug, and invited her to come walk with us after school, while we plan a party that we're inviting her to. She was so grateful that she smiled and said "Thanks girls! I needed you so much and you were there for me!" "Love you Cindy, see you later" and then we ran to Isis while saying "WOO HOO!" Isis was laughing so hard because she knew what we did and how poor Dylan and Gina missed the magical moment! Gina laughed and said "You girls are absolutely CRAZY!" and Aphrodite laughed while saying "We heard that one before right girls!" We laughed and said "YES!" and I added "Let me here a WOO HOO before we have to split up for class!" Dylan and Gina both said "Woo hoo, for my crazy sisters!" ;)

You see Sunshine? When you are a witch and you walk this Earth, you notice everything! Even though we are walking in the real world with human distractions, we still see the life force that is flowing around us, and when we walk, everything is Sacred around us, that's what makes our life so fun! Oh Sunshine, It's so easy to miss out on the little tings, but when you are in tune with Nature, you are in Awe of everything that is around you, especially when you are walking!

Our second "walk" for the day came during Lunch period. Nobody was really hungry, since Gina and Dylan was still concerned about so many unanswered questions they had about the future, so Isis said "Let's go for a walk, it's so much better to think while we are on the move." So we all walked and the birds were chirping, The sky was so blue and pretty, the wind was softly blowing and while Isis was talking, she reached back for my hand as she was reassuring our royal couple that everything was going to be ok. She knew I was in Heaven walking on our Sacred Earth and wanted to share the moment with me even though she was busy trying to reassure our royal couple the realities of life. Hey what can I say? our Isis is a multi tasking witch and she is good at what she does! ha-ha!

Our final walk of the day was the most memorable one we had, and still talked about, to this day! It was just after school when Isis took us to the football field where we are going to have our Mabon celebration and Isis wanted to show Dylan and Gina where they were going to descend from the North Bleachers for everyone to see. She was also telling our cute couple the meaning of Mabon so they could understand how they fit in our celebration: "Oh Dylan, Gina, Mabon is so special to us, it is the time of death and rebirth of Nature's never ending cycle of life. It is a time of harvest, of celebration and time to let go of all the bad things that happened in our life and harvest the good things that are coming our way! Mabon is about beginnings and endings, it is a time of equal light, of equal balance and I can't think of a better time for us to pass our regn to end our time, and for you to start yours! When we pass the reigns over to you we know you will be an inspiration to all the kids and the community! You truly are an inspiration and I can't think of a better couple to carry on where we leave off!' As Isis was talking to Dylan and Gina, we noticed that Lucy was on the field having cheerleading practice with her squad. We also noticed that a small crowd was starting to gather behind us as well, Hey! What can I say? We are kind of popular and people were naturally curious why we were heading to the football field after school. Even Cindy was part of the crowd, but not for long, because Aphrodite grabbed her by the hand and said "You're with me sister ok?" Cindy's eyes lit up and said "ok!"

As Isis was talking to Dylan and Gina, Lucy was slowly inching her way up to our area "Oh guys, it's going to be so much fun! We're going to be carrying swords with us and hold our hands high while everyone can hear our battle cry!" right after Isis said that, Lucy threw her cheerleader's twirling baton as hard as she could at Isis, but just before it hit her face Isis held her hand out and caught the baton with graceful ease, and without even looking! It was the catch of the century! and as beautiful as a wide receiver catching the ball in the end zone to win the state championship Oh Sunshine it was so amazing! Let me replay the scene for you because it involved split second timing!

"Oh guys, it's going to be so much fun! We're going to be carrying swords with us and hold our hands up high while everyone can hear our battle cry!' Isis catches Lucy's baton just before it hits her face and yells at the top of her voice "LOVE RULES!" while looking directly at Lucy! This scarred Lucy, she never knew how strong a warrior Isis was, because she is so loving, kind, and humble, but Lucy mistook Isis kindness for weakness and that was her fatal flaw! She fell to the ground with fear and then the water sprinkler came on and got her wet and muddy. she left in total defeat as fast as she could while Isis continued on. "And then we gently lay down our weapons and enter our circle with perfect love and perfect trust. We carry the swords outside our circle as a metaphor of the battles we have to face in the real world just like we did now, but when we come home to our sacred spiritual circle, we have no need for weapons, only love! That's why we leave our weapons behind!"

Dylan said "Oh my God Isis, that was amazing! Lucy could have really hurt you but you caught her baton without even looking!" That's when Isis humbly smiled and said "Yes it could have gone terribly wrong, but luckily I felt her presence and stopped her hate for now. Anyway Ha-ha, I suppose we should return the field back to normal because everyone's mouth is wide open and speechless!" Isis addressed the crowd that gathered around them by yelling and holding her fist up high!. "LOVE RULES! and so do you, my family! Love you all!" There was thunderous cheers because this was the day that Love conquered over evil and then the crowd picked up their Queen and ran all over the field with her!

"Wow! That was amazing, Aphrodite! What does a normal day look like for you girls?" Cindy asked them and Aphrodite smiled and said "Honey, this is a normal day for us but it's special because you are here with us to enjoy it!!" ;)

The Book of Life Chapter 13 'Mabon'

When dad went to pick up the girls after school, he couldn't find them again! So he started walking around the campus to look for them. They said they were going to be late but it was well after 5 and he hadn't seen a sign of them yet, but he did run into Miss Lan Wu, the girls school counselor, while he was walking in the parking lot. She came up to him with a smile and said "Can you thank the girls for me? They comforted a very depressed girl that came into my office this morning and I truly believe they helped save her life! Dad was amazed! "Thanks Ms. Wu, I'll be sure to tell them, Thanks!" was all he could say. When Miss Wu left, dad heard a lot of cheering in the back of the school where the football field is located at, so he went over there to see what was going on?

When he made it to the field he saw a young girl being carried like a Queen by some very happy students, and he thought that was cute, but then he realized that girl was Isis and he was amazed at what he saw! Just then Isis saw her dad enter the field and happily pointed in his direction for the students to carry her to him! It was so hilarious Sunshine! Isis was so happy to see her father and said "Sorry Dad, I was having so much fun I got carried away with the time, ha-ha! Hey everyone this is my father, thanks for a wonderful afternoon, we'll see you later family!" and everyone spontaneously yelled "LOVE RULES" laughed and patted her father on the back as they left the field, wow!

Gina and Dylan gave their sisters a hug and left too after saying goodbye to our dad, and Cindy started walking away as well, but before she did, Aphrodite ran over to her, gave her a hug and said "You're not sneaking away that easy sister ha-ha! Hey can you sit with us at lunch tomorrow?" Cindy replied "Sure Aphrodite I would love to!" Aphrodite "Oh good, I just made some special makeup I would love to share with you and you can see how beautiful you look in my special mirror I will bring tomorrow! Is that a deal sis?" Cindy said "It's a deal!" She left with a big smile on her face and that made us feel so good!

The next couple of days came by so fast, Aphrodite shared her makeup with Cindy, and had her stare into her magick mirror to see her soul for the first time, it was absolutely amazing how this girl changed! Every day that passed by we would say hi to Ruben and help him out as much as we could. Isis loved talking French to our cafeteria server named Charlotte when we ate lunch "Bonjour mademoiselle votre nourriture est parfaitement cuite et merveilleuse au go" Which translates "Hello miss your food is perfectly cooked and wonderful to the taste" Charlotte loved Isis compliments and French lessons, some day she wished she could go to Paris, and Isis was inspiring her to do just that!

Well Sunshine, our party was a little tricky, because we are perfectionist, so we must have our ritual circle the exact moment that Fall arrives and it was going to arrive on an early Monday morning of September 23rd at 12:50am! Do you remember me saying how hard it is to be a witch balancing our Supernatural life with the human life we have to live as well? Ha-ha, well, when tomorrow morning comes, we are going to be some very sleep deprived witches! ;)

Anyway, on Sunday the 22nd of September, we had special permission from the school to have a sunset vigil in honor of the upcoming Fall! Aphrodite said "Hey we couldn't say Mabon because that is a Sacred day and religion can't mix with school or so we were told, ha-ha, oh the joys of mixing witchery with reality" ;)

Well on Sunday's "Fall" evening, we all went to the football field at Juanita High school and watched the sunset leave the horizon with most of our students at the school. We all had a moment of silence and held hands while watching in amazement as the Sun set from the sky. Most of the kids never noticed the Sun Set before and we all became like a huge happy family at the school, it was amazing!

Once the Sun set at 7:06pm Isis gave a speech of our Autumn day and why it was so important to people from all over the world and what it meant to the elders of our ancient past! It was kind of funny because Isis had to talk in code since some parents came with their children and later we were going to have an unauthorized celebration at midnight so Isis said that if our elders were here today they would come at the school just before midnight, watch the rising moon at 12:17am, and celebrate the passing of Summer to Autumn at 12:50 am which is the exact time our season will change in our time zone. Aphrodite whispered to us "Hmm, I think the kids know what time to sneak back up here and celebrate with us ha-ha!" Oh we are so wrong, but then again, we didn't technically break curfew, and I will tell you why later my love! ;)
Everyone soon left for their homes right after Sunset, but when 11:50pm arrived, all the kids magickally appeared at the football field! It was kind of funny because nobody really remembered how they got here, just that they made it before midnight. Another amazing thing was that all the students, were already assembled into groups, according to their zodiac birth signs; So all the kids that were Geminis, Libras, and Aquarius assembled with me from the East of Air. I had you as my special guest naturally and I felt so good to have you standing next to me while the kids were picking up their swords on the way to our Sacred Circle. The students that were Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces went with Aphrodite from the West of Water, and picked up their swords as well. Since the bleachers were in the North section of the football field, the students that were born from Tarus, Virgo, and Capricorn were in the lower bleachers of the stadiums with Isis and picked up their swords for the ceremony. The students that were Aries, Leos and Sagittarius were with ShadowFire and they picked up their swords from the South that represented the element of Fire in our Sacred Circle. All the Fire children picked up their swords except for one child named Lucy. She was hiding behind the students and secretly recording our sacred event while getting ready to dial 911.

Oh Sunshine it was so magickal! Here we are the 12 tribes of kids from all of the zodiac signs coming together to be a family as Summer passes into Fall! To have so many diverse people and personalities from different backgrounds, standing united, was the most beautiful thing I ever saw that night, and I got to see that beauty with you my love!

Just before the Witches hour at 12 midnight I got to walk with you and our tribe to our sacred circle. Oh I was so happy and proud, because we got to be children of the night with so many people and walking next to you gave me strength like I never had before! Everyone arrived just outside our Sacred Circle at the same time, and just before we entered our blessed area, we held our swords up high and yelled as loud as we could "LOVE RULES!" The sound echoed from the stadium from so many people screaming our battle cry that it shook our fields foundation!"

At exactly 12 midnight, we gently put our swords down, held each other's hands and went inside our Sacred area as a family from all corners of our circle! Isis came to the center of the circle and began speaking! "My family, I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life because I got to share my life with each and everyone of you! You're my strength, your my family and you are the love of my life! Thankyou for being with me on this special night, it means the world to me!! As High Priestess of the Earth I welcome all the children born of the North, may all your life be filled with laughter and wisdom as we share our gift with others!" Aphrodite spoke next "Welcome to all the Children of Water, It is because of you that there is so much love and kindness in the World! As High Priestess of the Seas and Waters of the West, I welcome you to our circle, let us share our gift of Love to a world that needs us so dearly!" Our beloved ShadowFire Aries was next "Oh Children of Fire, Passion and Justice! I am so proud and honored to be with you on our sacred night! As High priest of Fire from the South, I welcome you to our sacred circle. May we all show the dignity and respect for the family that we love right here and right now. Let us use our gifts of strength and courage to give inspiration to the ones we love from all Children of the South!" It was my turn and I happily welcomed my family too "Oh Children of Air and Intuition of the East, I welcome you to our circle with all the love I have for you at this moment until time stands still! As High Priestess of Air, I welcome you and everyone here with a gift!" Just then I motioned everyone to look towards the East, our birth sign, and just as the Moon began to rise, a strong gust of wind came to greet us in our circle. "I give you the gift of hope! So as we peer in the future, may we see endless love to the family we cherish with all our hearts!"

Everyone was mesmerized and in Awe of the magical moment, but for us, it was more than just magick! It was being able to share time with people we love, with family, as the Fall beckons it's call! We were so happy and singing the songs of old, but I'm not sure how everyone knew the lyrics? Could a little magick be involved? ;)

The Sacred moment came and there they were! The Lord and Lady arrived at the top of the stadium stairs with the cheers of the crowd below! It was Dylan and Gina, and they were so overwhelmed with happiness that so many kids were looking up to them for inspiration! Gina looked down at the crowd and spoke so eloquently "Thanks family for coming to our celebration, I am so honored to be here and represent the lady of Fall! We have good people here, and I promise to help you in anyway I can! Thanks for having Faith in me and know that I love you all very dearly!" Dylan came up next, smiled and said those magick words that made everyone cheer! "LOVE RULES!"

Oh it was so beautiful Sunshine! Right after Dylan's battle cry, fireworks came out of the sky and a new age began at our school, and then Dylan and Gina began to glow in glistening lights! Yes the lights that were shinning all over them was transcending, calming, hypnotic, and everyone was in blissful silence as the New Age emerged; But the lights that were shinning on them were not from love, it was from concern.

Concern from the police department that showed up after Lucy called 911 to report illegal dangerous activity with weapons on school campus! Oh it was so funny but not for poor Lucy! She told the police to arrest everyone there but the stadium was completely empty! Except for a small black cat that was lovingly purring and looking up at Lucy! She looked at the cat in disgust and kicked it out of the way! Well, since no-one was at the stadium the police turned their attention to Lucy and she yelled at them! "They were right here! You see I have proof I recorded it all on my phone!" So she shown the lead sergeant her phone and he looked at the recording, but all he saw in her film was a deserted stadium and a black cat that looked up at her and meowed with loving affection! "No it didn't happen that way! They're witches I tell you and they fooled you all!"
Oh poor Lucy, the police didn't really like her very much at the moment: She was a minor trespassing on school property at 2 in the morning making a false report that there were punks at the school with dangerous swords! Oh poor girl she got into so much trouble, but in the end it will work out for her, because we love her even though sometimes "LOVE HURTS" haha! As for our Familiar, our beloved small black cat that was viscously kicked by Lucy, he just laughed it off when we magickally arrived back in our room! You see Sunshine? We never really left our room because we were all dreaming the same dream, or was it real? Our secret ok? (Winking at ya) As for our beloved Kitty, he said that Lucy had a mean kick to her but he just laughed and said he was ok! Oh wait a minute? you didn't know our cat could talk? You did know that we are weird right? ;)
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