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by Monty
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Emotional · #2226861
A story of a man enraged

With hammer and chisel, working on the trailer, that he pulled behind his car
The man stopped, and listened to a noise, coming from not so very far

He had heard a thump following, the sound of breaking glass
Then the loud voice of a man say, “I told you to cut the grass”

Never mind the broken dishes, is what the man said
Your mother will clean that up, you go straight to bed

May I please eat something? A young boy made this plea
Came the sound of tearing cloth, with words, “you will mind me”

Now it could all be seen, through the old porch door
It was just a little boy, who cried, please don’t hit me anymore

The man had paused to listen, when next he heard the slap
A storm was raging in his mind, like a mighty thunderclap

His right hand still held the hammer, as he vaulted his back fence
Determined to stop this lunatic, who wasn’t making any sense

He used the hammer, to pound upon the door
As again he heard the words, please don’t hit me anymore

Finally an answer, the man stayed behind his wife
Staring at the hammer, maybe fearing for his life

Speaking very softly, before the man could say a word
The frightened man was listening, and this is what he heard

If you have the urge to beat someone, your sure you are that wild
Then step out and try me, but do not beat the child

Then he threw the hammer, into his own backyard
When he turned his head, you could see his face was scarred

The child beater ran away, didn’t want to test his luck
Never did come back again, was killed by a garbage truck

He who heard, and helped, a child that way
Although a much older man, would do the same today

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2226861-DONT-HIT-ME-ANYMORE