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Prose poem character sketch
I saw her walking up Center Avenue again today,
Maggie, with her rabbit Melrose on a leash.
Melrose chews some grass
then hops and waits while Maggie
moves her walker forward,
then her right foot
then her left. Her tri-corner hat
reminds me of Marianne Moore,
more so in winter when Maggie wears her cape.
Now Melrose hops again and Maggie moves
forward, walker, right foot, left.
She sees me walking toward her, smiles
then waves.
“Is Melrose slowing you down?”
I ask, smiling back.
“Not much today. How
are you? I heard your radio interview.
You have a perfect radio voice.”
“Thank you, Maggie. That is a great compliment,
coming from you,” I say, leaning down
patting Melrose on the back.
“When is your next show?”
Maggie shakes her head,
then says, “I sent it off yesterday, but my
producer is on vacation, so it will be two weeks.
They will play a re-run this Friday. Thank you.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone listens.”
“Why Maggie! You know I always listen!
Next to Melrose, I’m your number one fan.”
Maggie smiles. “Well, we must be off. I want to get
1000 steps in and still have 756 to go.”
Melrose hops. Walker clops, right foot forward, then left.
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