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The Writer's Cramp 7/15/20 W/C 253
His Brand New Car

He holds the knife. It’s sharp. Perfect. Just like when it was new. Wipes it with the cloth. It’s clean. Perfect. Just like when it was new.

The phone rings.

Betty asks for a ride. “Just to the store. I won’t be but a few moments. Grab a few things.”

Rudy gives her a ride in his new car. He loves his new car. Bright and shiny. It really looks great rolling down the street. And Betty looks right smart sitting beside him, all pretty herself.

“Look at you, Rudy, all smart and shiny in your brand new car. I feel all special just sittin’ here beside ya’. I won’t be but a quick New York minute. I just gotta grab some stuff outta the store, ya’ know. Thanks a heap for the lift.” Betty leans back, rubbing her hair all over the brand new seat. That kind of bothers Rudy, the seat being brand new perfect and all. Then she puts her feet in her shoes up on the brand new dashboard. That also kind of bothers Rudy, the dashboard being brand new perfect and all. Betty stretches out on the brand new perfect and all seat. “You sure do have a comfy new car.”

Rudy tightens his grip on the steering wheel, turns a corner.

“Detour, Betty. We’re going by my place first.”

“Okey dokey, Rudy. So long as it won’t take too long.”

“Don’t worry Betty. I won’t take too long. Just a quick stop.”

She should have known better.
W/C 253
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