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To Dream The Intolerable Dream. Dream 19!
When I was nine, my mother looked at me and said as gently as she could, “you know, your father and I buy the gifts for Christmas, right?”

I remember clearly where she was going with this. Many friends at school had been receiving some revelation of the truth, and there were murmurings.

“You know son, there is no Santa Claus.”

Tears started to well up in my eyes even though I was partially prepared for this unveiling of the hoax. “He's just a myth, you know, St. Nick and all that.” She said “myth”, but in my heart I knew the truth: Santa was a fraudulent hoax.

A jolly benefactor, invented with a “naughty and nice” list, knowledge of when we slept or were awake, Santa was contrived by the distraught parents of the world as a tool for control. Santa was dreamed up to coerce “naughty” children into being “nice.” Parents conspired to place a dream so blatantly fictitious that only children could believe it. The hoax judiciously worked on the greedy hearts of unruly, though quite innocent, children. Santa was a parental contrived hoax to help govern households filled to the rafters with the most draconian, liberty-crushing rules.

Not since the uncovering of the “Santa Hoax,” have I been more aware of an even more dastardly conspiracy. A conspiracy, I would assert, that is designed to alter the dreams of an unsuspecting populace. The dastardly hoax has a name: "The COVID -19 Pandemic." As politicians and government leaders throw up their hands in dismay declaring, “we were not prepared for this!” I sometimes listen with a bit of a chuckle in my heart.

The truth is that the American government was completely prepared for this pandemic. Not, however, in the way that we American tax payers would have expected our leaders to be prepared.

In report 12 from the MRC Center for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, paragraph 2, the Imperial College London's model predicted 7 billion infections world wide, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Through these infections they predicted 40 million deaths this year. Their recommendation to defeat the “Beast” was plainly expressed: “...suppression strategies will need to be maintained in some manner until vaccines or effective treatments become available to avoid the risks of later epidemics.”


Though the predictions were frightening, projecting a calamity that would inflict pain, suffering and death, the report itself was a well balanced treatise that explained in clear language that the statistics would not have to be the reality.

All that was required, as suggested by the MRC researchers, was a well executed “suppression strategy.”

The question is then, was the American government ready with a strategy? Wouldn't America, like most governments, especially those with multi-million dollar disease control agencies in place, have in hand such a strategy?

Of course they would. Wouldn't they? But seemingly America didn't have a strategy. On the other hand, I say they did, and perhaps, while there was no reason to delay implementing such a strategy, maybe they were waiting stealthily for some other element to play on the hearts and minds of a gullible populace.

Perhaps they were waiting for an element that could divert American dreamers from a firmly entrenched, but useless-to-American-government, American dream. They needed some diversion to uproot dreams of prosperity and success, to one that was gruesome and nightmarish. Perhaps they needed the help of one of their greatest allies, the American press.

While every level of the U.S. Government waited, bits of information was fed to the money hungry media outlets. And what did these outlets do with this and other information they were uncovering?

How did the long arm of our government, the main stream media respond,: “Oh my God! Oh my God! The sky is falling! Millions are going to die! Fear for your lives. Government is slow to react! Why aren't they doing something? Why weren't we prepared,..” and if one was tuned in to CNN's barrage, the same “Woe!” was transmitted to the universe every twenty minutes, twenty-four hours a day.

Fear mongering by the press grew to a legendary level in mid-March 2020, as it appeared that government officials didn't have a clue as to what was going on. On the surface it seemed that the media giants were not friendly towards the government entities of America. Weren't the vast sea of federal agencies responsible for assuring United States citizens of their safety? But in reality, I contend, they were working hand in hand to further an agenda to press forward the notion that what must be employed is more, and more, and better funded government.

Few strategies to mitigate infections were mentioned at the outset. All reporting revolved around: “What is the American government going to do about this pandemic?”

Then all of a sudden, the next thing American's knew, everything was shut down. State Governors were suddenly anointed with executive powers to declare to the terrified masses what was essential and what was not. “Want a haircut? Nope. Sorry, not going to happen!” “Want a new car? Okay, but keep your distance from the salesman. Its dangerous everywhere except in your house. You don't want to kill anyone.” “Want to worship God in a church? Nope, sorry, we're talking essential service here folks! Wake up!” “Need dope and liquor? Well, okay, but be careful out there!”

Hand in hand the American media systems and federal and state governments formed a coalition in the name of COVID-19, setting in motion a hoax to shift all control of business, education, medical care, corporate holdings and property into their hands. By shamelessly shutting down manufacturing, farm production, education and huge sectors of the services industry, the economic system of America now teeters treacherously near complete and utter annihilation.

Forty years of liberal, god-void education, has ultimately spawned a coalition of revolutionary visionaries whose plans for the overthrow of the republic only needed something serious enough to terrorize the population they have long desired to enslave.

Now as the weight of the corona virus rests heavier on the American population all that the corrupt revolutionary coalition requires is another wave of fear, more treacherous than the first. That wave is on the horizon and not too far away.

Unlike the COVID19 pandemic, this wave is no hoax. It is the complete economic collapse of the capitalistic system of America. The media is chomping at the bit even now to begin reporting every twenty minutes, 24/7 the projected loss of all sources of earnings, retirement funds, social security and bank savings. Saying, “Why isn't government saving us? What is their plan of action? Why is the stock market in flames? Holy crap!” and in the blink of an eye the acquisition of all sources of income, private property, as well as the oil and mineral rights, will be complete.

As the death toll has gone down and it has become clear that there are a series of treatments that work on COVID 19 patients, at least on the ones who are not at risk of other health issues, why do state governments continue to keep churches closed, social gatherings limited to just a few participants and recreational areas (filled with fresh air) limited to just a few users of the space? Could it be that they are showing a terrified populace their extreme power to grant favor to those they like, while showing disfavor for those they despise? Governors, during this crisis, have not had to obtain approval to do anything they've desired to do. They often show themselves to be “little Stalins” and “little Castros.”

COVID 19, a leftist leaning government and a puppet-on-a-string media system, have created the perfect storm for a Marxist take over of one of the most powerful capitalistic systems in the world. The economic crash of America at this point can't even be estimated by the average citizen. I am sure though, that behind the scenes in the treasury department, Marxist styled economists know exactly when and how to start confiscating property, corporations, industries and retirement funds to bring a once liberty loving citizenry of America under a Neo-United-States government control.

American Marxists, with the help of a senile bunch of crooks, known as the Supreme Court, will condemn the Constitution of America. Not just to re-write out various freedoms as in former times, but to completely abolish the document as a racist plot contrived by the once revered founding fathers of America. Not only will they do it. The people will applaud them for removing the nastiest bit of bigoted rhetoric ever created by mankind, the United States of America Constitution.

By the time American's wake up to how big the COVID 19 hoax is, it will be too late. Those that figure it out and want to publish their findings will be eliminated. If questioned, the government line will be, “well they were against our efforts to eliminate a deadly virus. They were too great a threat to our well-being and the rebuilding of a more caring, compassionate, fair and just America.” Those who could write about the “Hoax” but were not a significant threat to the plot, would just be labeled: “senile,” “crazy” or “stupid.”

The heroes of medicine and science will ultimately discover and develop a new vaccine to save the world from the deadly virus. Actually I've read that it is developed, and in testing, but it is being modified to a new standard. I suggest that the vaccine will actually be a series of five inoculations in two different formulations.

What formulation of vaccine one gets will depend on the person's profile: Level of IQ, docility rating, production value, work ethic, unquestioned lawfulness, sheep-likeness. These chosen ones will be dosed with a vaccine that not only prevents the virus, but also makes them extremely competent in the procreation of the human race.

As for the citizens who don't fit the “preferred” profile, they will be inoculated with a series of the vaccine that is laced with hormones that will destroy the person's ability to reproduce. The goal of the Neo-United States is to eventually eradicate the desire for free enterprise, self-expression, and personal autonomy from the entire American populace.

Author Heather MacDonald, writing in the publication Hills Dale College Imprimis declares: “The corona virus lock downs demonstrated our leader's ignorance of economic interdependence. After the riots,* that ignorance has been shown to run far deeper. It is an ignorance about government's most fundamental obligations: to safeguard life, liberty, and property. It is an ignorance about human nature and human striving.”

I would agree with this statement except for the fact that the leadership Ms. MacDonald refers to are the product of twelve to twenty years of American indoctrination through an education system designed, controlled and delivered by Marxist elites.

I contend that America's government leaders were not ignorant at all. They in fact were highly tuned into the benefits presented by COVID19 in order to manipulate overpaid media dupes and terrorize a vulnerable population to perpetrate one of the greatest hoaxes the world has ever experienced.

I worked for a crisis unit during the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic. That was the H1N1 virus outbreak that claimed the lives of about 500,000 people world wide. It was unique in that 80% of the deaths occurred in people under the age of 65. It was an outbreak that came under control by one simple method. It was a method that perhaps government leaders have forgotten, but I assert have not.

The H1N1 pandemic demonstrated that all that is needed to be safe from infection is two tools and one action. This information came to our unit through the CDC and other health agencies in power at that time.

The first step is to wear the H1N1 mask developed, engineered and sold my 3-M company.

The second step is to wear a nitrile style latex or latex-free glove. Just as it was back then, both safety tools are still available today. The mask protects the wearer from the virus not the other way around. That is, a medical professional, or anyone really, who wants to be protected from others who may be infected by disease only need wear that 3-M designed mask and nitrile gloves.

The one action needed is to wash with disinfectant the gloves before they are removed. Everyone, during that pandemic was assumed to be infectious.

I provided masks to our crisis workers and four disinfectant wipes in a plastic bag. (We didn't require tubs of wipes and gallons of sanitizer.) Crisis workers went out into the field and worked with people who had contracted the H1N1 virus. Not one crisis worker, all of whom were in the "at risk" category, became infected.

I cringe every time I see a news piece where medical professionals are wearing protection for others instead of protection for themselves. The 3M H1N1 mask protects the wearer and the other person, while the modern, and very cheap version, only protects the other person and only if that other person is not in proximity to an infected wearer of the mask.

How convenient that government leadership has forgotten or covered up lessons learned from the past. How convenient that they were slow to take action. How convenient that there seemed to be a war between a well armed, well funded media and a myriad of bloated government agencies. How convenient that there was an unpopular president everyone could blame for the casualties. How convenient that COVID 19 infections continued to rise despite draconian efforts by a well educated, well informed populace.

Such circumstances would have gone by unnoticed by many governments that were not poised to take well-timed, deliberately hesitant action. How could the American government been able to launch this hoax if they had not been poised and ready? They had studied, polled and watched Americans for decades. Every governor, legislator and yes, even judges within the American government system recognized trends in the populace that mirrored those of seven year olds who desperately wanted to believe in Santa Claus.

They were as dreamy eyed as I was in my Santa dream where, if I could just be good enough, I would get exactly what I wanted. If I could just behave like mom and dad said, O what delightful treasures I would amass. I dreamed constantly of what could one day happen. Maybe there would come a time when Santa would come every day. He would bring me new toys and games everyday. My parents didn't try to modify my dreams at seven years old. In fact they turned my dreams into compliance with all their parental desires - if only I could just be good enough. I was greedy, selfish and wanted to believe.

COVID 19, as the core of a vicious hoax, only required a few additional circumstances to actually destroy American liberty; not by its insidious corona infectious style, but by an American government aligned with their henchmen in the universities, media, “think tanks,” and research foundations.

Years of misinformation, misdirection and fact-less rants by network news agencies, government leaders and “subject matter experts” has conditioned American's to trust, not in a specific politician or leader, but in a mainstream media whose soothing voice and easy cadence casts the most luscious dreams laced with terror and destruction.

American's have given their allegiance to a dream woven by a single source of news, weather and traffic. Imperceptibly, over the course of several decades, government has infiltrated the press and has made it a dubious ally in deceiving those they rule. There was a time in America when the press feared the intervention of government in any part of private life, now, mysteriously, the tune has changed. The press crave government action in everything.

It is now the government who activates the press, who then enlivens the dreams of a benevolent utopian state, more fair, just and kind to the enlightened, more socially conscious American. The promises are of a State which provides a security blanket to everyone fearful of the terrors of death and disease. Seeing the Neo States of America is praise worthy entity, everyone will ultimately recant of their love for truth, liberty and their precious independence.

They can even realize those dreams if they will embrace the promises of hope lauded in every newsfeed, emotionally charged image, and “sound bite”. The dream is for those who will respond appropriately and as previously programmed by the educational elitists. The dream, like COVID 19 is just one more insidious hoax, with promises to those who matter, that with the right actions as directed by the State, they will survive and thrive in a new and better United States of America. (Perhaps, they would even have their student loans forgiven!)

The citizens of the Neo States of America will evolve to care less about their neighbors, and more about how they can best serve the State. All that was needed for this COVID 19 hoax to work was a fearful, intolerant, impatient, ungrateful people who could, with whole-hearted devotion believe the intolerable dream.

* The riots referred to in Heather MacDonald's article are those that occurred after the police slaying of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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