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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Entertainment · #2226951
I've tried it once, or maybe twice
They call it hanky-panky
A silly kind of phrase
It is a term they used to use
Back in the olden days

It’s not the hokey-pokey
A different kind of game
Although there’s moving body parts
It isn’t quite the same

There is some hocus-pocus
A hand may disappear
Then find another spot to rest
(And I don’t mean an ear)

But it’s all hunky-dory
As long as both agree
I’ve tried it once or maybe twice
It worked out great for me!

Now don’t get hoity-toity
I think you’ll like it too
Just find yourself a willing gal
And see what you can do

And you’ll say holy-moly
I must do that again
In fact it was such fun to do
I’ll do it all I can

I like this hanky-panky
I’ll tell you it is fine
If I could find the perfect mate
I’d do it all the time

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