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A brief journal type entry written on my iPhone about my current thoughts.
These are the thoughts on my mind right now & I find it very therapeutic to write whatever may come down as a way of letting it go so here we go.

I and society as a whole seem to have been programmed and desensitized to really bad things our whole lives. What I mean by this is, we’re taught that war, the killing of other humans in order to gain land or some other material thing is the right thing to do. Some countries use the excuse that they so in order to protect one group of people or something or the other. But I’m just wondering if it’s right in Gods eyes for us to take our brother and sisters lives? Is it okay morally to fight evil with evil? I don’t think it is.

The consumption of animals is another thing that I now believe is unethical but also something we've been desensitized to during the course of our lives. I’m a vegetarian now but for most part of my life I’ve been a meat eater. Now that I’m a vegetarian though I find myself thinking about how sick it was that I actually ate meat. Animals are like us aren’t they? I know humans think we’re the superior and more intelligent species but I think otherwise, we humans don’t learn from our mistakes, we continue to destroy our home (planet earth) when we know we’re doing it, we continue to destroy each other when we know killing is frowned upon in Gods eyes, we continue to hurt not only each other but other beings on this planet that were created by God when we know better.... so I really don’t think we’re that much more intelligent or the superior species on this planet. We humans seem to lack compassion & humanity really & contribute to the destruction of this planet & all of its sentient beings far more than any other force on this planet. We are our own biggest enemies and the worst thing about it is that we're all aware of it but not many of us seem to want to do anything about it.

Back to animals, my idea when it comes to the existence of them & their intelligence/purpose is that all animals are capable of pretty much the same things we are. I don't mean this in the literal sense as if i'm expecting a dog to wake up, get a car, drive himself to work to feed his kids etc. What I mean by this is that a simple observation of them would show any one with a functioning brain that they are capable of the same simple but beautiful things humans are, they create life, find ways to sustain it and only want happiness during their existence. They seek the same things we do in life. They want to live, survive, experience life, reproduce and just be happy. Yet we subject them to suffering for our own pleasure. We cage & kill chickens, pigs, cows etc so we can enjoy their flesh. We do it and think nothing of it, because we humans have deemed our lives & our species as the superior beings on this planet, we've put ourselves on a pedestal & lined our grocery stores up with the decaying flesh of the innocent but because we have been desensitized to it as a society we accept it as our norm.
That’s quite sick to me now that I think about it. Each time we eat meat we’re eating something that once had a conscience and most likely had aspirations like we do, every human seeks happiness & a life free of suffering so wouldn't it be fair to say that animals, who were created by the same God who created us, would want the same?
The problem is we’ve become desensitized to it, we've been desensitized to a lot of things and taught to think it’s alright because of the programming we’ve been subjected to in our media, childhood education etc.

Just thinking back to when I was a child, I always loved animals, anyone that knows me personally & has for the majority of my life time would know that, but I also never questioned why we ate chicken, beef, lamb etc. All the adults around me and all my childhood friends ate it so I ate it without question, I accepted it as my norm. I saw it plastered all over my television after school in the form of Mcdonalds and Burger King advertisements, the grocery stores i'd visit with my parents to do our weekly shopping would be lined with the bodies of dead animals, but it's all i'd known and seen since I was born, plastered everywhere, so of course in my mind & heart I would accept it as the right thing to do because that is what i had been taught.
Can I really be blamed for that? I don’t know. I don’t think we can be blamed for the programming we’ve been subjected to as children. I do however, think we can be blamed if we continue to carry that on throughout our adulthood and not make an effort to undo all the harmful programming we have become accustomed to accept over the course of our early lives.

That brings me to my next big thing, the cause of our conditioning. I think the biggest enemy for humans seems to be the mainstream media. They hold the most influence & power over our minds. I mean sure, the people we meet along the way may shape us, as will our experiences, but nothing quite has a hold over the human psyche like the mainstream media & our media consumption choices. The things we watch on television, the information we learn in school (the very limited curriculum), the music we hear on the radio etc all have an effect on our subconscious, conscious and unconscious mind to some degree. And unless there is a certain degree of self-awareness or what some would call 'unplugging from the matrix' we are bound to this conditioning & desensitization for the remainder of our adult lives.

This really has me wondering & should have you wondering too, are all the things we believe now, all the things we accept in society truly ours to believe & accept?... I don’t even think they’re wholeheartedly ours. Are we really thinking and living for ourselves in this day and age? Or are we living however who’s in control wants us to. I don’t know. I don’t have the answers and I don’t know everything. I just think a lot. And my thoughts right now you may ask? I think society as a whole is misguided and mislead and we’ve accepted things to be our reality that in actuality just make us slaves to a corrupt system. If God came down and joined us here, I really think the shame would be overwhelming. We continue to judge and ridicule each other, kill and harm not only other humans but also animals & Mother Nature. We continue to poison our bodies with food that has no nutritional value instead of utilizing the gifts that God has given us in the form of nuts, vegetables, fruits, we continue to poison our children’s & our own minds with music, television shows, movies and video games that glorify the degradation of women, glorify violence, glorify materialistic values & having egos larger than life... and real values seem to have gone out the window.

There are still good people out there I know, people with real values but majority of society seems to be stuck in the slave system, valuing material possessions, wanting to chase the bag, consumed with envy, jealousy, hatred, greed, doing whatever it takes to acquire more money to buy more material things that won’t mean anything if they die. Can you actually take all the money, cars etc with you when you die? No. Your casket will be filled with only you, flowers from your loved ones and that’s it. All the material possessions you accumulate in this life time won’t really mean anything once your dead and gone. What will mean something is your heart & soul, our bodies will eventually give out and be put in the dirt, it is inevitable. Our souls however, are eternal.
So why society continues to place importance on pointless values like material things and sex over genuine kindness, love, morals & equality baffles me.

This world is out of balance & sick and it definitely isn’t going to change for the better on this planet until people start waking up and doing better but I don’t know if that will happen during my lifetime... I hope it will especially for all the kids you know. Children are innocent & they deserve to lead fulfilling & happy lives, they do not deserve to be left with a planet that us adults knew was being destroyed yet did nothing to change it. I mean it from my heart when I say I want a better life and planet especially for all the kids and animals who deserve so much more than we are offering them in this present moment.
But so far with all the evil going on, in the forms of human trafficking, murder, cruelty in society & people’s hearts and other evil things going on my hope for the future isn't as optimistic as I would like it to be.

My only answer for change would be that society really needs to get back to real Godly values and stop letting Religion, Color, Social Status, Money and all the other MAN-MADE barriers divide us. Unfortunately it seems the vast majority are too caught up in their ego and slaves to the system & those who are actually trying to contribute to the betterment/healing of our planet are frowned upon as hippies/crazies and their efforts fall on deaf ears.

Humanity just confuses me at times, I don't understand how we all know we come from God & are descendants of Adam & Eve which means we are all connected, humans, animals, mother nature. Yet we continue to allow things we’ve created to divide us and cause us to mistreat each other, animals, our planet & other beings here. If you were to break us down, any human regardless of our nationality, skin color, age, gender, we'd all have the same organs, our bodies are all composed of the same elements? So why do we continue to subject each other and other creations of God to horrific things. My answer? Because we are not as intelligent as we think we are, we have let our egos, our conditioning & the desensitization we've been brainwashed by to confuse and mislead us.

This entry came out of nowhere, I write as I go in my mind and sometimes it doesn't always make sense, so I am hoping anyone who reads this will be able to make sense of my complex & beautiful mind. I just.... I don't know, I guess I have a big heart & I want better for this planet & all its beings and it just frustrates me that for some reason not a lot of other people seem to care. Societies attitude to the problems that are running rampid in this world today seem to be to the tune of 'i didn't create this problem so I'm not responsible for the solution'. And because of that things will just continue to get worse. What no one seems to realize, or maybe they do and just don't care, is that what affects one will eventually affect all. Everything is connected. Everything is everything.

It seems to that majority of us here on earth seem to have accepted the sleep/wake/eat/gossip/entertainment/mistreatment of others/work/repeat cycle of life. I’ve said this before and I wholeheartedly believe it to be true, I believe we are capable of having Heaven here on earth, because God originally intended to live here with us right?. But until we stop living so mindlessly and being brainwashed & mislead, until we stop looking to false idols (like it says we shouldn’t in the bible yet we idolize musicians, actors etc and allow them to influence what we wear how we live etc), until we stop giving our money to these false idols and start giving a damn about things that matter like the destruction of our Mother Nature, the starvation of our children in various countries around the world, the trafficking of our men, women and children for sex, slavery and other unspeakable suffering... until we start being more conscious of the media we consume as well as the food, until we start waking up and actually using our brains and hearts instead of allowing ourselves to continue to be mislead and live in a society where our values are far from God, we’re just going to continue to live in hell on earth. The hell we’ve created and accepted. The same hell we are capable of redeeming ourselves from if we just wake up, take accountability and do better. What do I know though right? And what can I do? Obviously not much. I'm just but a tiny part of this vast universe, I'm not a millionaire, I don't hold any position of power, all I can do is write & hope for a better future especially for the ones I love. And I'd hope anyone reading this would think of their loved ones too & would want better for them as well.

Everything I've written here is either an opinion or based off of experiences of my own & I am in no way trying to force anyone to live a certain way, I'm aware that I cannot control anyone other than myself nor do I wish to. I just write this because I know the state that the worlds in today, all the suffering that is going on, all the suffering we subject others to and ourselves... all of that isn’t right & I feel in my heart and soul that it isn't the kind of world our creator intended for us to have either.

The best thing I can do is continue to work on myself, try to undo all the harmful programming & toxic patterns my psyche has been subjected to over the years. A better me means a better world. And I do hope this will motivate anyone reading this to do the same if you haven't already. Peace & Blessings and it is my hope that God willing I’ll be in a position one day to contribute to the betterment of this planet. Not just for me but for everyone I love, for all the innocent little kids out there, for all the animals and for God. So one day God could actually come back and be proud of what has been created rather than stare down in shame.
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