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I love Facebook, but why???
The Face of that Book
Kazi Falguni Eshita
Some say, Facebook? It’s just a place to chat
Others tell, you stay there all day? Girl, you’re mad!
Some say, Facebook’s just to show off
Other’s go: social media? Fie! Just buzz off!
For me, Facebook’s a place to connect,
With people I care for, as my love knows no end.
My timeline is actually a notebook to write on,
A way to cherish memories, before they are gone.
Facebook is my go to shopping mall,
When I need something, I’d just look on a page’s wall.
There might be a businesswoman, in need of money
She might sell something I need, both large and tiny.
Facebook has a ton of groups everywhere
I am a member of some groups, I learn a lot from there.
Facebook gave me the chance to help people
It has made many difficulties, pretty simple.
I’ll tell you what, I am not a pessimist,
So I won’t look into negatives even if you insist.
29th June 2020
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