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An investigation of a murder case
In vacation:
A horn was blowing on the street continuously. I was quite familiar with the sound. It was Robin's car. I knew he was coming, because I got the email. His object to spend his off time with me brought him here. But he did not get out of the car before I waved hand through the window. That was his type.

The door kept open as I was busy in kitchen, making snack for Robin. My friend entered room. My ears listening and counting his steps on the stairs. My room was in the first floor and there were twenty four stairs that I knew.

Since Robin became my friend, I try to do the things his way. I am an associate of his work. I need to tell the readers that Robin was a private investigator.

Counting the footsteps, Robin congratulate the way, I said, "Welcome, Robin !

Hello! Edward ! Thank you.!" He sat on a chair especially kept reserve for him. Holding a cigar on his lips said, " it seems like you are frying egg for me, isn't it?"

"Yes, for you. I' m making snack for you."

I completed making snack and produced before him. My hand made very simple snack and a bottle of whisky. Fried egg with bread isn't much bad and also barbecue. Robin took a piece as he was very hungry. And when hungry, he eats like impolite eater.
Very short hair cut, brown eyes which expresses his intelligence, nose is like a beak and thin lips, sharp looking face, and above all very smart looking guy. This is my friend, private investigator, Robin Dunston and me journalist, Edward Hall.
Newspaper was ready in front of him. My office's paper, where I work ,"The communique". I am a news correspondent and article writer. Robin almost shouted "Oh! Edward, you missed something here. Ain't it right?"
I understood and answered ,"No , I didn't."
He looked at me. I smiled ," My friend you have come here in vacation, how can I disturb you?"
The news headline was of a car accident. A car just failed break and pushed a car that was in front The car straight drawn into a river.There was two passenger on the car, a young lady and her father. The father somehow could get out of the car, he is alive. But the car drawn with young lady.She is still missing. According to police report, the body still haven't found. A case is filed.The driver of the car is arrested and now he is in police custody. .Tomorrow morning he should be sent to jail.
The person was arrested is the driver of the car and the victim was the boss of the office of the owner of the car pushed from back. The owner is a manager of the boss's company. He was not on the car. It is very much clear, the attempt of murdering boss is to become the owner of the company, which have big reputation and properties. Primary report of the police is similar to this. But my friend doesn't see this that simplest way.
Robin kept the newspaper back on table, took another sandwich and started chewing, his eyes were closed, I knew, he was thinking. He stood up and started stroll. Few minutes and then said ,"let's go", he started for downstairs, I got no scope to speak, just followed his footsteps. Got down and sat on the car, he started driving. We were going for the police station.
Next morning:
We had the information last night when reached the police station that Mr Alison filed a case against his manager Richard and his driver too for murder of her daughter and they are to be sent to jail today morning. Police found Richard's car had break problem and the
driver lost control of the car. But Richard did not know that he had problem in the car. The car is not much older.Richard refused to accept allegation that he had break problem. Alison's daughter Anny's body still not found.
I came out in the morning for office leaving my friend in my room.He had my guitar for company. I am sure he played alone for long time. He plays well. But I missed because I had my duty in office.
Mr, Alison an industrialist, rich man. News publishes everyday in the business column in "The communique". I read few of the stories. One story was about her daughter's relation with her boy friend Peter. Alison did not accept this. He refused the marriage proposal. Peter do not come out of rich family. He is only an artist, a painter. Rich people have such problem of ego. Alison does not have business rivalry.
I was searching something in old publications and I found it. I took the paper cutting with me and came out of the office building. I returned home in the evening.
My friend was relaxing on my rocking chair, closing eyes. He got the feel of my entrance and said, "So you have returned home passing whole day, leaving me here alone, Edward! This is not decent my friend!"
I smiled like I am guilty. I went for official duty. I said, " I have brought information for you".I kept the paper cutting on the table next to him.
I forwarded for the kitchen for making coffee.
Robin took the paper cut and read all very fast. He said, "yes, my friend, we can't keep this out of suspect. Thanks, anyway, for help. Now give me my coffee if you have finished making.
We talked with Richard in police station next morning. It was very clear that he couldn't do such terrible crime. And it's also impossible to make mistake for the driver not checking the break. He is simple, honest and conscious type character.
In the noon we finished lunch ordering from hotel. And after lunch Robin ordered me for coffee. Coffee made ready and I kept one cup in front of Robin. Light rainfall started outside, temperature falling. December ending, Christmas coming. This year Robin and I, we both are together. We will celebrate the Eve.
Robin stood up holding coffee cup and forwarded to the window, looked through. He asked "Edward ! Is there any workshop in the ground floor of your opposite building ?
"No, why?
He was watching something but did not tell what it was. Sipping in coffee cup silently. I was watching him.
He has already started working because Richard requested him to bring Richard out of jail.
In Alison's office:
Richard wanted help from Robin.He said he had no intention of killing Mr. Alison and he is being accused unfairly. He said, "I don't have greed. I can not kill my master. I am happy for what I have in my life.
Robin wanted to talk with Alison. So today morning we visited Alison's office. It was my weekly holiday and I came with Robin. We sent PA for permission but Mr. Alison was busy and did not meet .He refused.
We wanted to talk with employee, but it seemed they were not free too. They were straight avoiding questions.
But we needed to meet Alison. So we decided to wait.
Our eyes kept rolling all over the room. Very nice and sophisticated decoration.
After a long waiting Alison called us in his room. But the meeting was not fruitful as ill-tempered man did not co-operate us.
We went to a shopping mall to buy some package foods, beer, Robin's favourite champaign. It was almost evening when we were back home. We had lunch in the restaurant.
I live at end of the city and the road in front of rented house is very quiet as not much vehicle passes through this road. On evening this area becomes horribly exorcising.
We started when the door was knocked unexpectedly as we were drinking champaign and chatting. I got up and forwarded to the door and opened.
A young bearded man with smile on the face introduced himself as Peter,, about whom I have written earlier in this book.
An evening with Peter:
We shared champaign with Peter. We were talking about Alison family and Robin was collecting information in his head. In the meantime Peter completed an sketch of Anny as I gave him a pad and pencil. Amazing, he is really a good artist and the face he sketched matches cent percent with the picture we collected from police station .
Anny and Peter relation is of five years. They love each other seriously and Anny is devoted to Peter for his good manner and talent for Art. Peter have attended in art competition in Italy and he was invited there but he can't go out of the country as police also kept his name on suspect. And Peter has come to talk about this . He collected address from police station as he came to learn that Robin is handling the case.
Peter was cleaning up his innocence. But Robin can't do anything if police don't let him go to Italy. After he left Robin concluded, "He is an ambitious man undoubtedly. But his ambition is for his work. I believe he is not greedy and police should give him permission to leave for Italy."
Robin stood up as he heard a sound, turned off the light and forwarded to the window to see something.
What does he look from the window, turning off the light in this night time?
Surprise on next evening:
I drunk a bit more and I slept away on sofa after Robin turned off the light.Slept until morning. I had office duty so I went out. There was not much time to talk. Robin reminded me to return home early.
I had an appointment of taking interview of our city mayor about a community problem. So I could not refuse to go to office.
I had few other task too. I needed to finish them as they were the order of my boss. Then I went to corporation office for the interview.I had the lunch in my office.
It was very cold outside and I brought long coat with me . I put it on before I left the office building. My friend reminded me to return home early. May be he feels bored kindly out there.
I got up on a team and sat down, waiting long to be back home.
It was almost evening . I got up to my first floor and knocked door. Robin opened the door and I saw a young lady behind her, it's Anny ! The lady of the photo and Peter's sketch. She is Alive !
Isn't. It Anny ? She is Alive !Where did you find her, Robin.
Robin said, Oh! Edward ! You are back! I am very happy that you did not spend the evening in office. Willingly, he completely avoided my questions and made me more curious. He started pouring drink on glass for everyone. Like we're having party. I just silently sat on the sofa and asked Anny too. I know Robin will take time to answer me. An I had no either way than to hold my breath.
Robin served the drink, I poured all of it into my throat, and looking up on Robin's face and waiting when he start speaking. I lost my patience. Summary of his dialogue is like this:
Last night I slept away after Robin turned off the light. But he got out to catch young man came to the ground floor godown. Robin believed that it was not simply the godown, if was, why it is opened in the night time. Why not in the daylight? That is why he asked if there was any workshop in the first floor of the opposite building. He knew something was wrong. Robin failed catch the young man, he ran away and this made Robin mor suspicious. Today morning after I left for office, he went out in search of a locksmith.
Locksmith Harold made the duplicate key for Robin with which he opened the lock of the shutter of the godown. There he found Anny tied down with a chair. Her mouth was tied too that she can't shout. Robin to reassure her that he was there to rescue her, he gave his own identity. And then released and brought her here with him .
And the result came out if this that no one died from the accident and the case is completely false and Richard is being accused unethically. I hope he should be released soon.
Robin played guitar and we, Anny and I enjoyed . He was playing a jazz tune. He is a master of guitar that I must say. (to be continued)
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