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by Kotaro
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2226984
Something unearthly finds a good home on Earth. Flash fiction.
The Thing from Space

Saki was dreaming. A sound like breathing, yet deep and slow beyond anything earthy, disturbed his slumber.

Groggily, he rose, stumbled to the window, and pushed aside the curtain. Rain, splattering the window, obscured his view. Saki strained his eyes to find the source of the sound. Dread filled his heart as it grew in volume. He backed away in fear as the throbbing rattled the window, and the walls quaked and shuddered.

A flash of lightning lit up the night. A green blob stared into his room with black rimmed orange eyes.

Saki’s legs buckled and he fell backwards onto the carpet. His feet kicked in rapid succession, and he slid toward the wall. Trembling, he squeezed his eyes shut. He told himself it was just a nightmare. Yet, he couldn’t shut out the slow, deep breathing of the thing.

He prayed and there was silence.

Then, he opened his eyes.

They bulged as green muck oozed between the window and frame and dribbled onto the floor. Perhaps, it took just seconds, yet in Saki’s mind it seemed an eternity passed as the gunk formed into a puddle. The eyes were last. Plunking down, they converged and seemed to observe. Then, the steaming muck rose. The thing slid closer and closer.

An oily warmth slithered up his legs. It pulsed with a steady beat that orchestrated his heart till it was booming and crashing. Up and up it came.

Reality blared when the thing reached his throat.

“Stop. What do you want? Why are you doing this? Stop! Please, God!”

Saki clenched his jaws and pressed his lips as hard as he could. Something in his mind snapped when it slid into his mouth.

Two weeks later.

A bell chimed. Dr. Schwartz spoke into the intercom, “Yes?”

“Major Andreski is here.”

“Please, let him in.”

Dr. Schwartz extended his arm. “Welcome, Major. How was your flight?”

Major Andreski gripped the hand and shook it once. “Fine. Thank you for having me on such short notice.”

“My pleasure. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“No, thank you. I had some on the plane.”

“Well, then, shall we proceed?”

“Yes, lead the way.”

“As you know, Mr. Christian Saki, was brought to our clinic in catatonic shock. We immediately isolated him. He’s recovered physically, however, as of this morning, there has been no change in his mental condition.”

“Doctor Schwartz, have you come up with any explanation for the physical effects: the lost of all pigmentation and digestive bacteria, the curing of his diabetes, the cleansing of the lungs, the elimination of kidney stones?”

“No, there’s nothing like it in medical history. If we knew its secret and avoided the mental stress, it would change the world. Well, this is his room. You may observe the patient by sliding this.”

“Thank you, Sir.“ Major Andreski looked in, then turned, and spoke with awe, “Doctor, there’s four of him.”

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