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Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2227001
The title came to me with excitement and part opinion.
         Fathom the moment; it could be a sign of something good that's bound to happen. Without a moment's hesitation, dreams can come true. It can happen. Believe in your dreams. What if the impossibility became a possibility? Like a whisper in your ear, if there was any inkling that tells you to go for it, then do it. What do you have to lose? See it all happen for you by taking a chance.

         When rocky mountains are too rocky, it means that there will be bumps in your path, but when we level out the bumps, your journey will be smooth.

         A large cat can be a Jaguar, but it's also the name of a car. You're fast and slick, whatever the case may be, the decision had better be quick. By producing miracles of healing, it takes a leap of faith to aspire those precious thoughts, for the dream(s) to become a reality. For His will to be done, you must believe in the Lord; there's no doubt about it, it has to be Jesus.

         Creating memories that won't go away can be a torturous time in your life, so let loose of those old habits. Go that extra mile by dabbling in ways that move you. Instead, persuade others to get up and get going; justify the excitement of bravery by pursuing this fathomable prospect. Fulfill the destiny that takes you to places that you've never been. Having a hard time with dereliction, chart the territory that exploits derelicts. Just because they were different from the norm, when society chose to abandon them, they need someone in their lives to support them.

         It's exasperatingly difficult to handle when you're being rubbed the wrong way; there should be a way to rub people the right way. We need to spout out what's bothering us sometimes, but knowing when to quit would be an asset; it doesn't have to keep going on and on. Restraining ourselves from causing a major blowout is a good quality to have; it's one thing to be angry, but being able to suppress that anger is great, but it's not so good to hold it inside either. To distinguish the fire that's inside us, there needs to be a happy medium for us to use. If we let it manifest itself in ugly ways, anger can be very explosive. Seeing both sides come to an agreement would subside this emotion; the courtesy to override the anger would be nice.

         When nothing seems impossible to do, a moment is a sudden burst of inspiration. In the palm of your hand, grasp the moment, then gently attach it to your forehead and rub it lightly, until total satisfaction has hit you. The feeling of positivity will remove any doubts that plague you; at least for the moment you'll be feeling great. This fantastic feeling won't hold you down or bog your ambitions from coming out into the open.

         Coming out in a very good way, a spontaneous emotion strikes you instantly. It's contagious (meaning that everyone wants to join right in); it's the most giddiest (excitable) moment that you're able to muster (gather through). Wow! At least for a moment you'll feel the emotion of happiness. For the moment, frivolity (lacking seriousness), can be forgotten. A lighted pathway will lead you to a friendly environment where you'll be accepted with open arms.

         Bringing laughter to a dreary day, forthcoming smiles bring forth a day that's delightful (enjoyable). A sparkling glow of freshness perks up your face; it's guaranteed to give you a youthful appearance.

         Spreading its love all around, with loveliness that's good and sound, dainty flowers are on the ground. Romantic thoughts persist in dedication and trust, making it pertinent that you've got a chance, whispering proposals of marriage in the air.

         If what they wanted wasn't what it seemed, who could tell if they were dreamers, gripping loosely with their sights, and grinning widely with their rights? Was it laziness or just pure craziness? Was it love they sought deep down inside, but too afraid what might abide? Build a relationship with confidence, fathom the moment with bravery; you'll get the courage you need. Instead of worrying about defeat, you'll have the skills to accomplish this feat.

         Except for the ones whose love still grows, where it leads no one knows. I've gotten off the track it seems; the good news is that I'll be back, keeping you on your toes.

         Let someone know if you were wrong, by keeping your promises good and strong. Fathom the moment; life would be better if we could just get along.

         Nice clean water makes you cool. Happiness blooms when skies are blue, while fresh green landscapes refreshes the soul.

         Life is beautiful between you and me, when I'm with you and you're with me, sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful to see.

         Fathom the moment; it will be better when you achieve it, anything can happen when you believe it.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, July 16, 2020
© Copyright 2020 Anna Marie Carlson (annamc.poet at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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