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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2227012
A social worker decides to take more action.
Paying It Forward

Devina Becker left the morgue. When she’d decided to become a social worker who worked with kids, she’d believed she would make a difference. But no longer.

Getting into her aging car, Devina decided it was time to do something about the horrors she saw daily.

“Maybe I’m burnt out. I should just walk away from this job and go home!”

But the idea made her shake her head no. Her family didn’t understand her and probably never would. From toddlerhood, she’d known she was different and when she turned sixteen, she’d found out how different!

Although she knew she was adopted, she didn’t know anything about her birth family. On that fateful birthday, Devina felt even more strange than usual. She felt an unusual power pulsing through her body the minute she awoke.

But when she tried to use it, she had no control. Her family sent Devina to boarding school when dangerous results came from her testing it. As she matured and moved on to college, she got a better level of control over what turned out to be mad heroic skills.

“Time to be who I really am. In fact, it may be the only way for me to really help!”

Arriving at the brownstone she’d inherited from her grandmother, Devina made her way up to a hidden room in the attic.
She held her arms straight up and clenched both fists. As they vibrated to a blur, she cried aloud:

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done!”

Instantly, her clothing changed into a short tunic and sandals. She was also armed with a small shield, a bow and arrows, all of gold.

“By the powerful might of Hera, I will avenge the innocent.”

Raising her shield over her head, she blasted through the roof.

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