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This piece might just be an emotional outburst, talking about rain.
I always have a craze for rain, whether is it a downpour or a few drizzles, I will always feel a boost to my mood.

For some reason, the looming oppressive rain clouds impressed me. The water vapors were capable of blocking out sun light, at least partially. The sun has always been the divine ruler of the solar system, its radiation kept us alive. The omnipresent solar radiation is omnipotent. Yet, the combination of hydrogen and oxygen can divert the potent gamma rays and the reflect some of the light back to the universe.

Water is what defines all living things. Without it, life would not be possible. The whales would have stranded in the deep ocean gorges, arid and barren landscape would be the only scene one could witness. Flora and fauna would dehydrate and be lost forever.

Have you ever run bare footed on a muddy road from a recent rain? The smell released by the bacteria is oddly pleasing, it is refreshing.

The scorching heat from the harsh sunlight were driven away. Animals shook their fur, a cascade of water droplets were cast in every direction.

Oh! Do you feel the coldness of the water as you are mounting a lush mountain and you came across a merrily flowing stream? You shiver in the overbearing freshness and felt your fatigue instantly remedied.

Water! Rain!

I once run like a madman, half naked through a narrow mountain pass in heavy downpour, the droplets were the size of golf balls, they splashed against my face, wetting my hair.

I slipped and slide across the muddy path, leaving deep gorge behind.

I just lay there, I feel no pain, just panting. Every breath draws in more water than oxygen.

Don't I feel so alive? The texture of the mud, the smell of the leaves all around me.

Lightning and the boom of thunder is another part of this cacophony of sounds. Rain is release. Where atmospheric pressure had been building up for quite some time, and the low-pressure system is suddenly gone, replaced by the azure sky, which is the reflection of the real world.

Just laying there, feeling the water slowly takes you in, it carries you with it. Flowing towards uncertain directions.

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