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Simple respect for each other can make a big difference in fixing many problems in society
Over the past decades, the moral fabric of our world has been slowly fraying and it has now reached a critical point in our history where that fabric has huge holes and tears, and it is quickly about to be shredded into pieces if we do not do something before it is too late to repair it. The one common thread that seems to hold that fabric together, that you almost never hear about, and is greatly lacking in this world is RESPECT. To correct many of the world’s problems, we ALL must start focusing on respect for each other and ourselves. The U.S. Constitution was based on RESPECT for one another, and our forefathers knew how important it was. Somehow over time, many of us have forgotten how crucial it is for our very survival, which we is why we find the world in such chaos today. So please, before it is too late - SHOW SOME RESPECT!

R – REGARD of the highest priority for ALL living beings and our planet

E – EMPATHY for those less fortunate

S – SELFLESSNESS – share your ideas, talents and wealth with others to make the world a better place

P – PROACTIVELY do whatever it takes to create peace in the world

E – EDUCATION – learn as much as you can for as long as you live, for knowledge is power. Use that knowledge to educate others, to be creative, and to be a good EXAMPLE for others to look up to.

C – CARING both for yourself and others

T – TOLERANCE for ALL and TENACITY to overcome adversity

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