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A painted glass artist cracks.

Olwen Byrne walked to a card table. She sat down in a folding chair. Reaching left, she pulled over a can of paintbrushes and inspected them.

Reaching right, she brought over a selection of paints in a caddy. Choosing a color, Olwen poured a small amount on a disposable palette. Dipping a tiny brush in it, she began to form a flower on a smooth-sided glass vase.

As she worked, intricate floral patterns bloomed on the piece with bright color and translucency. Carefully setting it aside, she pulled a glass goblet forward and started anew. She went on, until she had decorated twelve pieces with ornate art.

Pushing aside paints and brushes, Olwen stood abruptly and turned away from the table.

“Too much like paintings by Sands and Monet. It’s garbage!” she declared to the sea of faces before her.

Turning back to the table, she swept everything off of it and watched it all crash on the floor. Turning back to the gallery visitors, Olwen said:

“If you remember nothing else from what you’ve seen, remember this: Artistic endeavor is fleeting. Those that are mere copies of other artists should be the most fleeting. I believe that if an artist should recognize such blatant reproduction in their own work, they need to take it upon themselves to destroy it, as I have just done!”

Turning on her heel, Olwen left without word or a backward glance. The gallery owner covered her confusion by beginning a round of applause for the artist. When the murmuring crowd had left, Olwen returned.

Carefully, she picked up selected pieces of the broken painted glass, placing them in a basket that was over her arm.

“Art from destruction: A new wave.” The perfect title for my next showing,” she said as she left.

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