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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2227092
An Oshawott gets a rather big birthday surprise. Emphasis on big~
(Warning! The following story contains inflation, mild levels of flatulence, nudity and popping (non fatal)! Read at your own risk.)

It was Avery the Oshawott's 20th birthday today, and wasn't all too ecstatic about it. Throughout her life, she always received dumb gifts from her friends, like a gift shop souvenir, or a snowglobe or a replica crystal ball. But little did she know, her gift was going to be a big one, and delicious one, from her two close friends, Gwen the Meowstic and Molly the Slurpuff.

Gwen, Molly and Avery were an odd bunch. Anytime something exciting happens, they end up going on a crazy adventure, and it seems like this day would be no exception.

While Avery was just watching TV, she heard a knock on the door. She hopped off of her couch and opened the door, and to her surprise, Gwen and Molly were there. Molly was ecstatic to celebrate Avery's birthday, and so was Gwen, but not as much as Molly.

"Oh, hey there, gi--" Before she could even finish, she was interrupted by Molly.

"HEYYYY AVERY! So, are you excited for your birthday today? Because we have a present for you! In fact, it's better than all of the gifts you ever had combined!"

"Uhh.. thanks, I guess?" Avery was flattered, but wasn't to excited about what she was going to get after the last gifts. Gwen took the gift from the bag, which was a pink box written in cursive, "For Avery," with a heart next to her name. "I-It's not much, but, we hope you enjoy regardless." said Gwen as she handed the box to Avery.

"Oh, thanks. Well, it's better than nothing, I suppose." said Avery.

"We hope you enjoy them!" exclaimed Molly before leaving with Gwen. Then Avery said, "See you guys later!" before closing the door and going back to the living room. "Now, what could they have possibly gotten me?" She opens the box, and inside it were dozens of poképuffs, frosted, filled and glazed for her to eat. Immediately, Avery's mouth drooled with passion. She smiled and says, "Holy crap, these look so delicious~!"

There was also a note inside the box and Avery decides to take it. The note reads:

"Hey Avery! Hope you'll have a fun birthday with these poképuffs! The baker said these are filling, and I couldn't agree more! We know how much you love eating sweets so we figured that these would be a really great gift! Enjoy!

-Gwen and Molly

Avery, without hesitation, chowed down on each and every one of the puffs, stuffing her face and her belly.

"Mmmmmfff! These are soooo good!" exclaimed Avery as she was eating those puffs away.

After eating the last one, she was stuffed with puffs, and let out a huge belch, then she pat her belly and went back to the living room to take a nap.
An hour later, Avery woke up and went to the kitchen to get something to drink, only to notice she feels a bit lighter.

"Huh.. that's odd, I feel all light all of a sudden. It almost feels like I'm on the moon.." said Avery as she got lighter with every step. She looked every spot to find out why she was getting lighter before eventually looking at her belly. She yelped and jumped before landing on her butt. From the front of her, her shirt could barely cover her belly completely.

"W-What happened?? Why is my belly big?!" Avery said with worry before rubbing her now bloated belly. "A-And why does it feel so... rubbery?!"

She stood up before her belly swelled up with more air until half of her vision was limited. Her shirt could barely cover her belly and could now only cover her breasts.

"Eep!!" Avery was becoming more frightened as her belly continued to swell. Her luck was going to turn worse when the air moved on to her breasts. *FWOOMP!* *FWHOOMP!* went her boobs, making a bit more of her vision limited.
"Oh damn it, not my boobs too!" shouted Avery. She decided to quickly get out of the house to prevent herself from being squished. She got so light that she started to float in the air. Her shirt could no longer keep up and gave away, exposing her boobs for the public to see. "Oh god... this is so embarrassing!!" Avery's thought would soon age poorly as her butt began to inflate.

"Oh god, not my ass, too! Oh, please stay on, skirt..." Her butt was inflating a bit more faster than her belly and breasts combined. Her panties were almost visible. She would then fart up a storm due to the heavy amount of poképuffs. Soon, Avery could be visible around the neighborhood, with citizens, pointing at her, taking pictures and videos of her. But the Oshawott's luck would run out when her skirt gave away with a loud *RIP!*, along with her cute undies, revealing her bare ass.

Avery was in shock, because now her ass, breasts and belly were now shown to the public eye, some in shock, others in amazement. Not long after, Gwen and Molly would grab attention of the otter blimp.

"Wait... is that Avery?" asked Gwen.
"Avery?! What happened to her?? Why is she a balloon?!" asked Molly, as she was just as confused as Gwen.

Minutes later, still farting away, Avery would be a large blimp, catching everyone's eye. Not only her huge size, but the awful gas coming from her as well.

"Of all the things to happen to me... why this...?" Avery asked herself. "And this happened on my birthday too..."

It was bad enough she was a balloon, but being a gassy balloon, in front of everyone? That's a memory she's not going to get rid of anytime soon. But just as she was drowning in her own embarrassment, Avery could heard a loud rumbling coming from her belly. And unfortunately for her, it wouldn't be more awful gas.

"W-What was that...?" cried Avery before giving out a whimper.

The rumbling then included some groaning, and then...


The explosion was loud for everyone to hear. Some cars set off their alarms, and everyone was in shock to see the Oshawott blimp blow up.

Soon, Gwen and Molly were quickly running to Avery, now naked and dizzy.

"Dude! I don't know what just happened... but that was awesome!" yelled Gwen. "Whatever you did that made.. this, you gotta show me sometime."

"Uhhhgh..." Avery was so dizzy she couldn't say anything.

Gwen and Molly then took Avery back to her home to let her rest the whole day. This was one birthday Avery particularly wasn't going to forget.

The end!
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