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by K.HBey
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Caroline feels insecure because of some changes in her home design.


Caroline notices that the glass color of her jewelry box has changed. Also, all of her room’s paintings have changed.

“Marta,” Caroline calls angrily. She does not want to lose her landmarks. She feels insecure.
“What’s the matter?” Everything has changed in my chamber”, she asks with fear.

“I am not aware madam. It might be your husband that has recommended these changes. I saw him yesterday discussing with the principal waiter”, Marta replies.

Caroline is nervous because she feels like she is in a new environment due to the changes.
When Michel comes tonight, she becomes cool.
“What’s the matter, Michel?” She asks.
He leads her to the dining room and then to the courtyard.

“Have you noticed any change here too?” Michel asks.
“There is a smell of fresh wood,” she says.
Then she touches the table. “You have changed the dining room furniture into Mahogany ones,” she says.
“You have planted some jasmine, lavender, and roses in the garden too. Wow! Wonderful,” she adds.

She turns her head towards her husband then she approaches and touches him smoothly.
“Your masculine perfume is so attractive,” she says.
“You are wearing a new green shirt with creamy beige pants. They fit you a lot my love, you seem elegant”, she adds.
Michel takes her hands and embraces her smoothly. Then he opens a box. He puts her on the necklace

With her fingers, she touches it and says, “Wow it’s so beautiful! A star pendant! You have a good taste indeed.”
“Michel, are you bothered because I am blind?” She asks putting her head on his chest.
“You are not blind you see everything with your heart, my lovely wife,” he replies.
“I am lucky to have you,” he adds giving her a red flower.

KHBEY/ 297 words/Caroline/ 07/17/2020

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