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It's fun in the circus!
The music had stopped in the big top and the crowds had began to head home. The lights were still on and the keepers were hosing down animals that were being put in cages until their excersize time. Trapeze artists were swinging, although the show was over, practicing new tricks to entertain tomorrows audience. Near the entrance to the tent, two serious looking clowns were in discussion while they each smoked a cigarette.

Kelsey and Kaitlin sat outside the tent, they were admiring the view from the coastal town they were performing in. They admired the beautiful cliffs that stretched along the coast as far as the eye could see. The sea was rough and they couldnclearly see the waves crashing into rocks in the distance near to what looked like a number of coastal caves.

“I wish we’d learned to paint,” Kelsey said to her twin sister who rolled her eyes.

“You say this everywhere we go. Why don’t you just learn?”

“You don’t want to Kaitlin. As soon as we start doing something Im interested in, you moan non-stop and ruin it for me."

“Poor, poor Kelsey. Do I ruin all your fun?” Kaitlin began to pretend to sob. “I want to learn to paint, but Nasty Kaitlin wont let me.” Kaitlin rubbed her eyes, mocking her sister’s upset.

“You know, if you werent my sister, Id be gone by now. Gone forever. Youd never see me again.”

“But we’re twins,” Kaitlin responded with a wicked grin on her face. “We’re together forever.”

With that, the girls sat in silence, looking at the beautiful view of the sunset over the sea. Kelsey filled with anger and Kaitlin satisfied that she’d suitibly put her sister into a bad mood, which she really enjoyed doing since her sister stopped her seeing the clown, Peter.

Kelsey didn’t like him, she thought he was strange, especially when he decided he wanted to stay in their caravan. He didn’t mind that they were both there and said she could just close her eyes. Kaitlin agreed with him, which totally disgusted Kelsey.

Peter was a smart clown though and came up with a brilliant idea. Kelsey could paint and he could have time alone with her sister. She was disgusted with the clown and her twin, screamed at him it would never happen. When the other clowns overheard her shouting, Peter was told off and sent away. Since then, the twins hadnt seen him again. Kaitlin told her sister she would never forgive her.

The sun had set and the other circus acts had all gone to their caravans, Kelsey and kaitlin decided to do the same. The walked back together, climbed into their shared bed and Kelsey watched her sister fall asleep, before dropping off herself.
In the night, Peter the clown watched the girls sleep for a while before heading back to his own bed. He was tempted to sneak inside and kiss Kaitlin as she slept, but he knew this would wake Kelsey and decided against it.

The girls werent a circus act. They had been brought up by the performers since they were children though. The had no idea who their parents were and seen the circus members as their family. They had no recollection of life outside and Kaitlin didn’t care. Kelsey, though, she wondered were they came from. Nobody in the circus would ever tell them and as the older acts began to leave, she bagan to think she would never find out. She’d tried to discuss it with Kaitlin, but her twin sister wasn’t interested. She’d just begin talking about something else, usually something insulting to her sister.

Morning came and the girls woke at the same time. Music was already coming from the big top, the morning performance had started. The band always opened for them. Not many circuses had a band nowadays, but they were proud of theirs and played the music for the entire performance live.

The twins dressed and headed over to the big top. As usual, they were welcomed by stares from the audience. They both just smiled and waved, this was their moment, the closest thing to performing they did.

Trapeze artists swung in the air, clowns fell and tumbled and got wet, animals danced and all the way through, the band played and added sound effects. The girls watched and played along with the audience. Laughing when they laughed. Gasping when they gasped. It was mostly out of habit but they were both always genuinly impressed by the animals. The lions, the elephants and the dancing dogs.

The show finished and as always, the audience applauded like crazy. It genuinly was a magical circus performance, every time was amazing. The twins joined in the applause and then the audience began to leave. The girls decided to leave at the same time as them, which they didn’t do often, but some crowds were better than others and this had been a good one.

As they reached the big top exit, a member of the audience called to them.

“Can I take a photograph with you?”

“Of course you can,” Kaitlin replied before her sister. “You can have a picture of US!”

The young man blushed, “Of course. Thank you.” He wasn’t so embarressed that he didn’t take a selfie with the twins.

He took the picture with his arm around the girls.
“Thank you,” He said after taking the picture. “You are beautiful. Really.” He walked away into the crowd.

“Yes,” Kaitlin called out after him, “Yes, we are!”

As they walked out of the big top, Kelsey said, “Let’s get the paints from Peter.”

Kaitlin was surprised at the suggestion but didn’t argue, anything that made her think of Peter was a good thing in her mind, so she just went with Kelsey and got the paint.

“Today, im going to learn to paint.”

“You’ll need to do more than today to learn properly,” Kaitlin said, not really mocking but sapping the enjoyment of the idea from her sister.

They sat and looked at the view they’d admired the previous day.

“You wont be able to paint that. No chance.”

Kelsey stayed quiet and began to dip her brush in water to wet the paints.

“You don’t even know how to mix the paints. You’ll be awful at this.”

She began to run her brush across the paper, attempting to draw the outline of the seascape in front of them.

“What’s that?” Kaitlin asked, genuinly not knowing what Kelsey had began to paint.

“It’s the top of the cliff and the bottom where it joins the water.” Kelsey sounded proud and was happy her sister paid a little interest.

She continued to paint, adding the fields at the top of the cliffs and the rooftops of the nearby town. She was beginning to relax and enjoy what she was doing. It was her first attempt at painting ever and she was convinced she could begin to enjoy doing this.

“Whats that there?” Kaitlin asked, gesturing a brown bit of paint in the middle of a lot of green.

“The house over there.”

“It looks like something a cow left in a field,” Kaitlin laughed. “You’ll never learn to do this. Look, you’re rubbish.’

Something snapped inside Kelsey’s head. She hit her sister in the throat with her paint brush. She did it again and again.

Kaitlins eyes widened in shock as she realised what was happening.

Stab, stab, stab. The paintbrush pierced Kaitlins neck over and over again. Blood began to spray out onto Kelsey’s face, but she continued stabbing. Kaitlin tried to scream, but all that came out was a gargling sound.

Blood was spurting out now, out of the girl’s neck onto her sister and her painting. It was turning the grass they were sitting on red.

Kelsey began to lose energy and realised what she had done. There was no going back from this. No making up and being friends again. She had killed her sister and her blood was still spraying from her neck.

Kelsey got weaker and weaker until she had too little energy to move. She watched her twin sister take her last breath. Watched her die.

Kelsey’s last moments were filled with regret, with sorrow. She had killed her sister. The twin sister who shared her heart. The sister she had been joined to, by the chest, for her entire life. The blood loss killed them both.

The conjoined twins lay dead in a field with a beautiful view of the sea in front of them. A blood stained picture of the scene lay on the floor next to them.

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