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2nd grade recess
Once upon a time in a small town. In a small school,there was a girl. She moved their prior the night before and was starting her 1st day of second grade. In her class there was a tall ,dark skinned girl with curly dark brown hair held in a tight pont tail. Her name was Amanda and the new girl and her became quick friends. Amanda once told the girl that when she walked into school that one day Ethans world changed. There was a spotlight only on her.

On the girls second day of second grade her life changed. She was scared to go to school. She was scared of those mean boys. Everyday she was terrified when the bell rang for recess ,her feet hit the ground with a thump. She was running for her life.

About 12 boys from 2nd grade and upper where on her tail. It was a game of cat and mouse. A new game of tag. The goal was to capture the small frail girl and carry her to Ethan,and thats what they did. One by one they would grab her one in front and one behind. One would grab her arms and pin them to her chest where her boobs where soon to grow and pin her against his body. The others where to watch closely to make sure she didnt escape ones grasp as she was transferred over to Ethans arms.

Once in his grasp he would talk about there love and how he only had eyes for her and that they where to get married. He whispered in her ear and held her tightly against him. To tired from running she could no longer scream for someone to help her. It was no longer a game for her. It never was. Maybe back then the boys didn't even know what they where doing at the time,but for years the young girl didn't speak of 2nd grade. It wasn't anything major and it was just a game. A mean. Sick. Cruel game. They ignored her tears and her kicks and screams. They laughed and watched. The only one that helped the young girl was Amanda and she hid her everyday on the top of the play set and warned her when a boy was near. Amanda was her savior that year. And those mean boys where just boys.

Years passed and the girl finally spoke of what happened to an elder. She looked disgusted at the thought of what the young girl had gone through said it was a form of assault but the now older girl couldn't quit comprehend how it was. It still scared her and she could still fill them grab her. She rembered it all but never considered that it was assault until the elder spoke of it. The girl only told 3 people her therapist,her best friend, cousin,and finally you
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